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Cleaning is infectious

Have you ever counted the number of hi-tech items and gadgets in your home? TVs, computers, tablets, phones, games consoles, digital cameras, e-book readers, digital radios... the list goes on. Now have a think about how often you clean or disinfect them.

Most households are meticulous about cleaning the toilet, but what about the remote for the TV or the games console, for example? Shared by the whole family, we all touch them a lot more than the toilet – which means you could be swapping germs and bacteria every time you switch channels for the soaps.

Click on the household items to discover how to beat the bugs you can't see.


Don't talk dirty

There are nearly 24 million fixed landline phones in the UK. And with up to 319 bacteria on every square inch of the receiver, your home phone is potentially more harmful to your family than your toilet.

Cleaning your phone regularly is recommended, but you should avoid using silicone or wax-based furniture polishes as the residues they leave actually encourage germs. You can keep your germ loving phone receiver hygienically clean with our Phone-Clene range. Available in a variety of pack sizes.

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Touchscreen cleaning

From tablets and smartphones to remotes and navigation systems, the touchscreen is becoming the default way we interact with technology.

And with every touch by every person comes an opportunity to transfer germs or potentially harmful bacteria.
The AF range has been formulated to keep that bacteria at bay. With regular use of our Smart-Clene Kit you not only prevent germs spreading but also keep your touchscreens spotless.

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It's game over for germs

Nearly half of those who play on games consoles at home share the fun with up to 5 people. Handled for a few hours every day, the controls soon become a petri dish for germs and bacteria. The accumulation of dirt and grime over time can also hinder the functionality of the buttons and impede the users' response times.

You can keep your games hygienically clean, working well and looking good: Console-Clene is ideal for larger gaming accessories, hand-held device cases and stand-on game surfaces. Controller-Clene are individual sachet wipes for cleaning controllers and Smart-Clene wipes are perfect for hand-held gaming consoles, MP3 players, mobiles or touch screen devices. Our Game-Clene Plus kit gives you everything you need for a proper deep clean.

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Switch on to regular cleaning

With more than half of us sharing it, and nearly 30% of us admitting to never cleaning it, the television remote control is a carrier and breeding ground for germs and bacteria in the home. The next time you're all sitting down watching TV, just observe how family members cough and sneeze, handle the remote and then pass it on.

Regular cleaning can help prevent the spread of family colds and outbreaks of flu. We recommend our Controller-Clene – our individual sachet wipes for cleaning controllers for effective anti-bacterial cleaning.

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For your viewing pleasure

Whilst your TV screen may not be a number one place for harbouring germs, it can have a negative effect on your health if it's dirty. That's because grime, dust and greasy fingerprints can make the screen difficult to read leaving you squinting to see the picture, which can cause headaches and eyestrain.

Whether you're watching an old style, cathode ray tube, a LCD/LED, a thin film transistor or a plasma, one of our Multi-Screen Clene range of products will leave your screen static- and smear-free.

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Optical discs

For optimum player performance

Keeping your gadgets and equipment clean won't just help keep you and your family healthy. By regularly using an optical cleaner in your computer, games console or CD/DVD player, you will help prolong their lives and ensure optimum performance.

We have a number of easy to use products specifically designed for this purpose: Simply insert our CD/DVD Lens
disc and it'll leave your drive clean and free of dust. Our Sprayduster is also perfect for those hard-to-reach places and our CD-Clene is ideal for preventing dust and dirt from being transferred from your CDs to your drive.

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