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Cleaning is infectious

Our lives are increasingly connected as we carry around our social and working lives on smartphones and laptops.

And that means our technology goes everywhere we go and is exposed to a whole new world of bacteria and germs.

When you know that a third of Britons use their mobile phones while on the toilet, it's easy to see why cleaning is essential to help prevent infections and falling prey to 'there's something going around the office' syndrome.

Click on the items to discover how to beat the bugs you can't see.

Mobile phone

Be smart with your mobile

Unfortunately, mobiles are as attractive to bacteria as they are to us. They warm up in use and are occasionally sprayed with protein when we speak into them, providing near perfect conditions for germs to breed.

In a test conducted by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 92% of mobiles tested had bacteria present.

At AF we have a range of specially formulated products – wipes, available in standard tubs and smaller portable flat packs, which are anti-static and non-smearing, so they not only kill bacteria but also help keep your phone in pristine condition.

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Get your hands on a clean laptop

The great thing about laptops is that you don't have to stop what you're doing to stay connected.

So how often have you pressed keys as you eat or lick your fingers before diving back into Facebook?  And how often has somebody else used it, if only for a moment?

All that accumulating grease, crumbs and specs of detritus make an ideal breeding ground for germs and if you can't tear yourself away, it pays to clean your laptop everyday.

Washing hands will always help but our products are proven to kill 99% of bacteria and make viewing clearer and easier on the eyes.

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Clean touchscreen technologies

From tablets and smartphones to remotes and navigation systems, the touchscreen is becoming the default way we interact with technology.

And with every touch by every person comes an opportunity to transfer germs or potentially harmful bacteria.

The AF range has been formulated to keep that bacteria at bay. With regular use you not only prevent germs spreading but also keep your touchscreens spotless.

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