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App-y New Year!

Posted on 09 January 2013 by the AF Team
Category: Fun

It’s a few days into 2013, so how many of you have actually been keeping up with your new year’s resolutions? We have been surfing the App Store for some of the best apps to help you meet the challenge.

Get fit


If you are serious about running then the ‘Nike+ Running’ app is worth a look. It uses your iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer to track your distance, pace and time. Perfect for outdoor or treadmill running.

You can also connect to your Facebook profile so that you can see how you compare with friends and they can cheer you on when you go for a run. And if that wasn’t enough, you can save power songs inside the app for when you need that extra bit of a power push. Not bad for a free app.

Gain control of my finances


‘Debt Manager’ is the tool for you if you are looking to to organise, track and pay off all your debts this year.

It uses the Debt Snowball method to calculate your debt free date and provides advice and tips on how to get there quicker and cheaper. It’s only 69p, so well worth a look.

Get organised


If you like lists, but hate paper then ‘Clear’ is a great app to remember all those tasks, household chores, shopping items, phone numbers, action points from those meetings, spring cleaning tasks or even a reminder of your new year’s resolutions – all in one place, for 69p.

With a clear and beautiful interface that maximises iPhone gestures and can sync with your iCloud account, you will be able to access your lists from any iOS device and stay up to date with your tasks.

Quit smoking


The NHS have created their own free app ‘NHS Quit Smoking’ designed to support you through the first 30 days of quitting cigarettes, by providing daily messages of encouragement, tips and advice.

There is a real time counter that displays the time since you last smoked and tracks the amount of money saved. They have also supplied access to the Smoking Helpline with a touch of a button so that you can get support from an advisor.

Eat Well


'Evernote Food' is another free app from the Evernote team that allows you to save recipes you find online (using web clipper) in your cookbook, find restaurants you like and add them to your list, include photos, notes and location to your food experiences and share all this with your friends.

This app is great if you love to socialise in restaurants or like to try out new recipes that you can be proud of.

So those are the apps we found, but do you have any others that help to stay on track of your new year’s resolutions? Let us know.