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Trick or Treat? Top tips to keep scary germs at bay this Halloween

Posted on 31 October 2014 by the AF Team
Category: Education, Fun

An office cubicle dressed in Halloween decorations including purple and orange balloons, pumpkin stickers, and fake spiderwebs.

A UK Mintel study has shown that 28% of adults agree that they are more concerned about germs than they used to be and at Halloween you could understand why with germs lurking in Halloween masks. This Halloween there are certain tricks that you can learn to reduce germs spreading and ensuring you stay healthy and happy.

  1. Keep sticky hands clean. Cold and flu viruses can survive for up to 3 days on hard surfaces so to avoid spreading these around wash your hands regularly. This will avoid illness at home and the office, reducing the germs you pick up to be spread.
  2. Keep ghostly germs off surfaces. Keep the surfaces in your home clean and the likelihood of germs spreading is automatically reduced. Some surfaces are often missed though, like TV screens, remote controls and keyboards. These surfaces are touched often, usually by multiple members of the family and not cleaned thoroughly or regularly.
  3. Casper says cover your mouth and nose. Have you ever freaked out when someone sneezes or coughs near you? A cough can travel 3 feet and a sneeze up to 40 meters, which means so can those germs. Make sure you cover your mouth and nose when you need to and keep some anti-bacterial wipes with you just in case someone else is a sneezing monster.
  4. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouths. A recent study found that people touch their faces on average 16 times an hour. This means that the germs on our hands can easily spider crawl into our eyes, nose and mouth becoming more at risk of infections and flu. Keep those hands clean and try to be conscious of when you touch your face.
  5. Stop sharing your treats. It is flu season, and the symptoms are not often obvious at first. It is the first few days of a cold when your germs are the most contagious. Reduce the risk of catching the flu or other nasty colds and viruses by carrying your own bottle of water with you when you leave the house so you do not need to share. Plus you’ll be fully refreshed in case any vampires start chasing you for your blood.

So those are our tricks, do you have any that you would like to share?