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One small step for a better environment

Posted on 06 January 2015 by the AF Team
Category: Education, Environment

Watch our little environmental video and take the first step towards a different way of thinking.

As the video shows your contribution to the environment doesn’t have to be Nobel Prize worthy, if everyone makes one small change, on mass that would mean a significant step in the right direction.

To celebrate the pending launch of our new Sprayduster ZeroTM – the world’s first active carbon sprayduster – we thought it a good idea to suggest other little steps you could take in the workplace to ensure a healthier environment for the future.

1. Scale back your car use
Walk, cycle, car share, or enjoy the many delights found in eavesdropping and people watching on public transport.

2. Eat green
We’re not talking about eating your 5 a day, we’re talking wastage. Pay attention to use-by dates, to avoid excessive food waste, and try to eat more fresh fruit and homemade meals as these contribute far less packaging to landfill.

3. Create a compost pile
Collect your tea bags, banana skins and coffee grounds and make a pile of them in your garden. You can do this at home and at work, not only does it return food wastage to the earth, but it also provides you with the best possible nutrients for your garden or office plant.

4. Bring the outdoors in
An office plant or even a little pot on your desk adds more than just a little prettiness it adds oxygen. By buying a plant for yourself and even one as a friendly gesture to your neighbour you are increasing the flow of oxygen and absorbing indoor air pollution.

5. Recycle
We’ve already covered how to make use of waste food, but in the office environment there’s so much more that can be done. Start with drinks cans, milk bottles, plastic bags, re-usable ink cartridges, and most of all recycling all that paper and cardboard or even better printing less. Question what really needs printing, can it be sent by email, or can it be reviewed on screen?

6. Carry your own cup
Why use those nasty polystyrene or paper cups? Bring a proper mug in.

7. Turn it off
This is an easy one; anything that doesn’t need to be running should be switched off and not left on standby. Starting with lights when you’re not occupying a room and continuing with computers and monitors when left for more than 30 minutes.

8. Put on a jumper
Before you turn up the heating another notch, why not put on another layer first.

9. Buy green
Don’t go about asking to buy green as this may be misconstrued. To us, buying green means spending a little more time looking for energy efficient equipment for the office, kitchen, and light fittings.

10. Do ZERO
Use AF Sprayduster ZeroTM. It’s important to use cleaning products in the workplace that are non-flammable, non-toxic, effective and kind to the environment. Sprayduster ZeroTM is the world’s first active carbon sprayduster, which means it contributes Zero CO2 to the world’s rising emissions.

Each person’s contribution, no matter how large or small helps us all work towards a more positive environmental outlook for the future.

Take your first steps with AF.

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