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How to Keep Healthy During the Premier League (Part 1) - At Home

Posted on 20 July 2015 by the AF Team
Category: Fun, Education

  • A spirulina smoothie

    We’re not kidding – this tastes like pond water... If this is the price of washboard abs, then we’re keeping our beer-bellies.

It's finally football season! Don't let the title put you off – we're not suggesting you start doing crunches during half time and swapping your pint of beer for a 'superfood' smoothie using ingredients you can't pronounce. That's just silly, unless you're the footballer getting paid to do it - or if you genuinely like the taste of pond water.

Our approach to healthcare at AF is a little different – we're fighting against colds, flus, and food poisoning; the really common stuff spread by germs that you can easily prevent. Nowadays, this is more important than ever; germs and dust are attracted to heat and electricity, and so the rise of technology means that there are more germ breeding grounds than ever. Think about it – we're carrying these germs around with us, too; we dig in and out of our pockets to check our phones after touching all sorts of questionable areas – and we don't even realise we're doing it.

On average, each Premier League match has a global audience of 12.3 million people, and chances are that most of these people, including you, are watching a lot of these games in a group. Whether you watch the at the pub or at home, you're likely to expose yourself to illness; any kind of close quarters surrounded by food, electricity, and other people, means that we're more likely to catch germs. So how can you keep healthy during the Premier league?

1. Your TV Remote Wants You to Suffer

Your TV remote is one of the most bacteria-ridden tech items in your home, and if you're watching the Premier League at home this year, you will probably be using it! Think about it; how often do you eat and watch TV at the same time? 60% of people we polled eat whilst watching the TV at least once a day, and if the Premier League is on, then you're likely to snack anyway. Channel-surfing during eating can leave traces of food on the remote, which festers and can make you ill, if not cleaned – however almost a third of people we surveyed said that they have never even cleaned their remote. Can you remember when you last clean your remote?

How many times do you check your phone whilst watching TV, which you've been carrying around all day? Probably every time the adverts come on, right? Well, a survey by Which? found that one in four people have excessively high levels of bacteria on their phone – and so all that bacteria is therefore being transferred to your remote as you flick through channels. It's not just your phone's bacteria, either; almost 90% of people share their TV remote with at least one other person, and up to five more people. Now think of when your friends and family last cleaned their phones, and how often they touch your remote!

Top Tips:

  1. Disinfect your TV remote as often as possible (especially after eating) with our Isoclene Wipes – all-purpose wipes can leave the buttons sticky, in some cases.
  2. There’s no harm in hogging the remote control - especially if the footie is on!
  3. Clean your phone regularly; chances are that you’ll be checking it while the match is on, and whilst doing any and all of these activities. If you don’t keep your phone clean, then everything we suggest you clean will become dirty again; the germs that your phone picked up while you were on the train, at work, in the pub, in the gym etc. will just transfer back on to your hands.
  • TV Remote Hygiene stats

2. Sharing Nibbles

It’s a poor effort if there’s nothing to munch during half time! The problem, is that a lot of things you would serve people, such as crisps and nuts, are finger foods. Do you really trust that all of your mates’ hands are clean? I’d like to, but then when you think about the statistics, you realise that it’s not very likely that they do; one in three people use their phone on the toilet, and only 28% clean their phone with a specialist cleaning wipe – most people just use their sleeve, which isn’t good enough if you’re trying to avoid getting sick. Not to mention, only 5% of people wash their hands properly after going to the bathroom, according to an MSU study...

Top Tips:

  1. Keep hand sanitiser on the coffee table – you’ll be surprised about how many people use it. People are always keen to get rid of their sticky fingers, but they probably won’t get up to wash their hands if the match is tense!
  2. Try not to eat food that other people touch with their hands.
  3. If you’re dead-set on finger foods, then stick to salty snacks. Salty foodstuffs are a hostile environment for most viruses and bacteria, and they are less likely to thrive.
  4. And in case you’re wondering – the 5 second rule is a myth! It takes no time at all for bacteria to contaminate your food, so if you spill it, bin it.

3. "Fancy a Game of Fifa?"

  • Most popular games console cleaning methods

There will always be someone that utters those words when there’s a game of football being shown near a games console! Most of us love a game of Fifa before and after watching the actual game – it builds up the atmosphere, builds up expectations for your team, and for me at least, provides a parallel universe of victory if your team disappoints in real life. It’s almost a necessary addition to match day - but the germs on the controllers aren’t.

It turns out that video game controllers are nearly as dirty as TV remotes, because people tend to pass them around just as much, and almost half of the people we surveyed admitted to eating while they played games, too (who said men couldn’t multitask?). People do normally have a habit of cleaning their consoles more often than their remotes, though, which is good news; but not even a quarter of the 1000 people we surveyed cleaned regularly enough. The bad news is that most people clean their consoles and controllers with just a duster, or a duster and polish; this doesn’t remove germs, and wax-based polishes actually trap germs in!

Top Tips:

  1. Staticlene is made for the job, and won’t compromise your controller. Personally, I wish I knew that a few years ago when I destroyed my PS3 controller’s analogue sticks by cleaning with all-purpose surface wipes!
  2. Cleaning your TV screen with our anti-static cleaners, such as one of our Multi-screen Cleaners (or one of our normal screen cleaners if your TV screen isn’t sensitive), won’t really prevent you from getting sick – unless your team scores a really good goal and you have to kiss the screen! But it’s always good to know that you’re seeing things as crystal clear as possible.