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Posted on 01 June 2016 by the AF Team
Category: Education, Fun

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Ok, so you have a dirty Smartphone screen – do you spray a cleaner directly onto it or use a wet and dry wipe combination? Perhaps your LED TV screen is blighted by dust motes and you are desperate to clean it, but how to choose the best cleaner for the job? Do you often wonder how to navigate your way through the range of screen cleaners to choose the most effective one for the job in hand? To be honest, many of us find it difficult to make the best product selection, but help is here.

Read on for our really straightforward guide to selecting the best cleaning product for the task. WARNING, these questions may sound familiar but the answers will be a revelation……

Q) My Tablet has smears and finger marks all over it but I use it for work and it needs to be pristine; I need a product that I can transport easily and use quickly with no sachets/wipes to dispose of. I’m really looking for a soft, effective cleaning cloth.

That’s a straightforward one; our Tablet Polishing Cloths TPC will be perfect. A 3-pack of exceptionally soft cleaning cloths will ensure that your tech is absolutely pristine.

Q) I prefer a wet wipe that I can use across a range of items. Do you have a suitable wipe for LCD, TFT and touch screen items?

Yes, the go-to solution would be AF’s SCS100 – 100 pre-saturated sachets.

Q) I work at a PC all day and my screen really needs a good clean every couple of days. I’d like a product that is quick, safe and can be stored easily on my desk – any ideas?

Absolutely, why not opt for a tub of our Screen-Clene wipes. SCR100T 100 pre-saturated wipes packed into a neat re-sealable tub – perfect for desk-top use.

Q) Is it ok to spray a screen cleaning product directly onto a screen, for example a Tablet or TV?

We wouldn’t recommend this. The safest option is to spray your cleaning solution onto a cloth and gently wipe the surface clean.

Q) My Smart/LED TV has pride of place in the living room and frankly cost a lot of money! Are there completely safe screen cleaning options for the most sensitive of screens?

Definitely, but you need to be careful about your product choice. Our Multi-Screen cleaning options are completely safe.

Q) I like to take my Kindle/E-reader on holiday and by the end of each day, I’m guaranteed to find greasy finger marks from my sunscreen. A travel sized solution of a really safe, but effective cleaner would be perfect. What can I use?

Our Multi-Screen Travel Kit would be perfect; a bottle of cleaning solution plus a soft cloth will ensure that your tech remains clean and smear-free. The bottle is also neatly designed to fit within the size limit for hand luggage - problem solved!

Q) Portability is key for me; I just need a light flat-pack of wipes that I can carry around with my Tablet/Smartphone. What would be my best option?

We have a handy re-sealable flat pack of technology cleaning wipes (MTW025P). These have been designed to ensure that your tech is clean and smear free and they are easily transportable.

Q) Can I use the same product on my laptop screen as on my PC screen at work?

Absolutely. Our Screen-Clene wipes and sachets can be used effectively on both of these items.

  • TV Remote Hygiene stats

Q) I’ve heard that anti-static solutions can be effective – is this correct?

Yes, that’s correct. Our Screen-Cleaning products contain an effective formulation that has anti-static properties for optimum performance and dust deflection.

Q) I’d really like a sort of ‘universal’ screen cleaner that I can use on everything from my prescription sunglasses and PC screen at work to my home tech items. What can I use with complete confidence for a great result but zero harm?

The safest ‘universal’ cleaning option would definitely be AF Multi-Screen products. These come in a handy range of packaging types.

Still confused? AF really does have a screen cleaning product for every requirement in a range of packaging types. So whether you are hankering for a re-sealable tub, prefer some handy sachets, looking for a portable travel kit, or simply a soft micro-fibre cloth, AF can help.

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