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AF to the rescue

Posted on 14 September 2016 by the AF Team
Category: Fun

Est. Read Time – 2 Minutes

So September is finally here and University beckons with fabulous Fresher’s Week to look forward to. Everything is packed, all those kitchen essentials (which you might not even use), stationery and your all-important outfits for the up and coming social events.

I'm sure that those key tech items, (a.k.a. your mobile phone, tablet and laptop) have been included without a reminder?

The latest staggering statistics reveal that 90% of students now own a smartphones so I guess we all know how important they are to us. Did you know that 97% of students have checked their phone within 15 minutes of waking up? Now that sounds shocking but ask yourself the question – do you subscribe to this habit? Yes, I’m guilty too. We are in the era of millennials; we live to love our tech. Social media has got 55% of us liking, tweeting, whatsapp messaging for more than 40 minutes each day revealing that we really are addicted to our tech... It goes without saying I would definitely be in a panic if I was one the unfortunate 47% of people whose mobile was lost to the toilet pan!

It's a scarily common occurrence that accidental spillages are the 2nd most common reason for 'drowning' your mobile phone and a surprising 12% of us take calls whilst in the bath which goes to show there really is nowhere we will go without our phones close at hand. So, what can you do if the absolute worst happens and your beloved smart phone takes a dip in the bath or toilet? PANIC? No, absolutely not as AF International has the solution with the product to restore your mobile phone to life. The Tech Rescue Kit is there for your hour in need.

So how does this little life saver do the trick? Remarkably all in 3 super simple steps you will be back into the mobile technology world again. Phew, and breath!

Here goes...

  1. Switch off and do not press any buttons on your device; remove batteries and SIM cards immediately (unless you are recovering a Smartphone – these can be recovered intact). If the tech has been dropped into anything other than clean water, it is important to rinse all parts in water before patting dry any visible liquid on the device.
  2. Open your rescue kit and find the inner bag; place your device, SIM and battery inside the inner rescue bag (this contains drying agents) and re-seal tightly.
  3. Wait for the rescue kit to work – this is a minimum of 48 hours, 72 hours for a large device and a further 12 hours if the device has not been dismantled (Smartphone). Re-assemble your device and power up, remembering to back up your device when the data has been recovered.

A product this effective does not develop overnight... Our laboratory has tested this extensively and has shown to successfully restore 98% of electronic devices that have been subjected to water and humidity damage.

So as you start your brand new adventure, ensure that you won’t need a NEW phone along the way and include a tech rescue kit.