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Love Your Tech in the Virtual World

Posted on 18 October 2016 by the AF Team
Category: Fun, Education

Est. Read Time – 2.5 Minutes

It’s a scary fact that more than eight in ten families will pay out £243* on electronic gadgets this Christmas with 16% spending a whopping a £400. This may sound surprising but when you think that the average smartphone costs anything up to £700, increased spending habits for the latest tech gadgets has become the norm.

We are spending on average eight hours and 41 minutes a day using our tech, which is 20 minutes longer than the average person spends in bed! Can you believe that? But at least we are getting our money’s worth. It goes without saying we are definitely living in a world of the tech revolution. Not only this, the tech world has reached a new level and we are now leaping headlong into a virtual world. I know, crazy, right? You too may have been bitten by the ‘tech bug’ and are wondering how to get the best from your latest must-have VR headset.

2016 is the year that cutting edge virtual reality really has stepped into another dimension across the globe to revolutionise the world of gaming and entertainment. As more and more brands are releasing the long awaited VR headsets we are now excited about accessing another world…a virtual world. I can see why, what’s not to love? From the comfort of your own home you can hop around in space, dance the night away at a concert, watch sporting highlights from a different view, treat a phobia of spiders (yes, really!), not to mention the endless gaming opportunities.

Whether you plan to use a VR headset with your smartphone or as a gaming device, these little beauties are sure to be at the top of many people’s Christmas list’s for 2016; (or even as a special treat at the Black Friday events in November).

Unfortunately, these fab new headsets do not come cheap; for a high end VR headset you would be looking to part with on average anything up to £750. For that princely sum, you would definitely want to keep your state of the art tech in tip top condition! Enter AF International to help you love your new tech with some TLC.

Imagine this, you are all set for your new virtual reality experience, earphones in (so you have the best sound quality), gaming controller in hand, and last, but not least, your brand spanking new VR headset is in place. The choice is yours - which virtual world you would like to jump into? Would you really want to ruin the whole experience with fingerprints on your headset/screen? Ensure your tech is pristine with AF Mobile Tech Wipes. You can keep your new headset spotless with handy pack of 25 wipes, easily portable, just wipe and go. Why not double up and wipe clean your smartphone at the same time? A quick solution to a smear free screen. If you would rather not use a wipe why not try a handy travel pack of Multi screen-clene and AF cloth to clean your headset and polish off smudges with the super soft cloth.

So now you are an owner of one of the top tech gadgets around, someone else wants to try out your new VR headset? Eww… Your beloved new VR headset on someone else’s head. What better way to freshen up your new tech than to keep it loved with these handy wipes and more to the point away from fingerprints and grime? Even your earphones need some cleaning care from time to time. Did you know that the cleanliness of your earphones can affect the sound quality? Why risk this when you can grab AF Headset Clene in convenient little sachets to gently clean the ear surfaces of your earphones or headphones ensuring you will be getting the best experience possible. I’m sure that there are a wealth of people who will be falling in love with their new VR headset this Christmas time, so make sure you have everything on hand from AF to love your tech back. *Source: Consumer Survey 2016