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Black Friday – retail dream or nightmare ??

Posted on 22 November 2016 by the AF Team
Category: Fun, Education

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Black Friday, potentially a retailers dream; customers hungry for bargains. Just imagine for a moment the consequences if your chip and pin terminals break down unexpectedly. Let’s face it, these big technology purchases are likely to be card transactions so it is absolutely essential that your card readers are working correctly to maximise sales.

Did you know that in 2013, 137 million shoppers participated in Black Friday; (just a little more than the entire population of Japan)?  Black Friday is a day of high sales potential for many retailers across the world. In Britain alone, £2bn is spent in the space of just 24 hours. It goes without saying customers are far more satisfied when card readers work first time around; this benefits the consumer and by extension, your brand.

So how do you ensure that your chip and pin terminals will work first time, every time? Simply use AF International’s Cardclene range.  A simple to use, plain white card impregnated with a cleaning solution for single use. Simply insert into your card reader or swipe readers three or four times and turn over to use both sides before discarding for instant cleaning maintenance.

The cost implications arising from poor terminal maintenance can be scary… Consider the cost of a chip and pin terminal - typically this ranges from £47 -£200. Multiply that by the quantity in your store and you can see that it’s pretty important to regularly maintain them.

Let’s now consider the potential for card reading equipment – the sky really is the limit. The Cardclene product range is not just restricted to chip and pin terminals. AF International promotes a wide variety of uses for the cleaning cards within Cardclene range including ATM machines and car parking meters to name but a few. Our ATM cleaning cards are impregnated with a cleaning solution and encoded with a message to prompt the ATM to draw the card into the machine for cleaning purposes.

Check out to view the full range and check compatibility.

Don’t let some simple maintenance cost you your profits on 25th November, use AF Cardclene today.

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