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Dust Off Your Workstation Before The Christmas Break

Posted on 07 December 2016 by the AF Team
Category: Fun, Education, How-to

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The Christmas break is almost upon us so what better time to dust off your workstation in preparation for 2017. Start the new year with a clear desk and a new cleaning regime. Your keyboard, screen, desk phone and hard surfaces may be in need of some much needed care but the cleaning options do not need to be tiresome. The AF cleaning regime literally takes just ten minutes!

Did you know that the average desk can be as dirty as a toilet seat? Ask yourself when you last gave your desk a clean theme makeover. We are all guilty of the ever common excuses, “I haven’t had time” or “It looks pretty clean to me”. Well, we thought so too until we upended   our keyboards and with a little tap emerged the crumbs of the office Christmas biscuit tin! This prompted us to put together a simple step by step guide to clean your workstation in readiness for 2017.

Step 1

SPRAYDUSTER ZERO, the non-flammable workstation cleaning companion, with a powerful blast at any angle for all of those hard to reach areas of keyboards, printers and photocopiers. This innovative product is a world first - an active carbon sprayduster with zero contribution to the world’s rising CO2 levels!

Step 2

ULTRACLENE finishes keyboard cleaning off nicely with a pack of wet wipes to remove grease and grime and the dry wipes to give a fresh smear free finish. The handy little cleaning card ensures that dust has no hiding place! We even used it on our mice and calculators because let’s face it, when do you think about cleaning your mouse?

Step 3

PHONECLENE is an absolute must as your desk ‘phone is used frequently throughout the day. Every time you use your handset, it is attracting more grease and grime. This handy tub of impregnated cleaning wipes will spruce up your desk ‘phone in seconds. Hot-desking and have two workstations to clean? – No problem, just wipe and go

Step 4

MULTI SCREEN CLENE is a completely safe, universal cleaning solution that deserves a home in all office environments. Gentle and effective, this cleaner is suitable for all types of screen from LCD, TFT, laptop screens, tablets and smartphones. This product also contains a handy microfibre cloth to leave your screens smear free and sparkling like new. Did you know that we often view screens for 444 minutes a day? No-one wants to spend that amount of time viewing a screen full of smears and dust.

Step 5

FOAMCLENE is a powerful solution for surface cleaning tasks. Lifting grease and dirt from general surfaces and plastic casings it leaves a clean and fresh finish. A short sharp blast from this product produces a foamy cleaner that packs a potent punch. Simply wipe away with AF Safecloths for a gleaming desk.

 Yes, it really is that easy, 5 simple steps to spruce up your workstation. So take a step back and look at your workstation (you may even see your reflection) and remember just how easy that cleaning regime was. Why not celebrate the clean theme throughout your office in 2017? Remember, a clear workstation is a clear mind.