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STOP PRESS! – Finally, An Achievable New Year’s Resolution…..

Posted on 11 January 2017 by the AF Team
Category: Education, Fun

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January, the first month of the year often brings fresh aspirations for the New Year ahead. Many people use this time to make the ever popular New Year’s Resolution, but really how many people actually stick to them? Surprisingly only 46% of people adhere to their resolution after the initial 6 month period.

Sometimes a New Year’s resolution is staring you right in the face. Yes that’s right you’re probably reading this very blog on your smartphone or tablet. Now ask yourself; how often do you clean your commonly viewed screen?  All of those fingerprints, grease and dirt build up over time and let’s be honest, why squint at a grimy screen when you can see clearly through a crisp sparkling one?  The keycleaning essential for 2017 is the Tech Cleaning Wipes (MTW025P) from AF International. This re-sealable pack of 25 wipes are eminently portable ensuring that your smart technology stays smear and grease free whilst on the go.  So why not make screen cleaning the achievable New Year’s Resolution? One wipe and a simple, yet effective swish over tablets and touch screens that you can always find the time for.

Buoyed by your commitment to screen cleaning, you may be feeling a little more adventurous and we have just the idea; take the clean theme to the office! Forget about the January blues by keeping up the clean theme with an AF Sprayduster ZERO (SDZ420D).

Did you know that 62% of people eat lunch at their desk? So picture this; for every sandwich or biscuit you casually eat at your desk throughout the day, how many of those crumbs are dropping into the keyboard….. Simply ensure that you have a Sprayduster ZERO aerosol on hand to blast away those crumbs regularly. Multi-angle spraying is easy allowing access to those difficult to reach areas and the product is completely odour free.  Moreover, this innovative product has ZERO contribution to the worlds CO2 levels adhering to the F-Gas 2018 legislation in plenty of time.

Remember - Sprayduster ZERO is not just for the keyboard; take a look around the office – printers, photocopiers and fax machines can all benefit from this powerful Sprayduster to remove debris and dust.

I think you will agree these New Year’s resolutions will be easy ones to follow for 2017 and you’re sure to see the benefits. Happy New Year and Happy Cleaning from all AF International

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