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Cleaning Maintenance For Personal Protective Equipment Is Priceless

Posted on 20 February 2017 by the AF Team
Category: Education

Est. Read Time – 1.5 Minutes

When you think of personal protective equipment what springs to mind? It could be clothing, goggles, helmets or even visors. In the burgeoning culture of health and safety awareness, we all understand the importance of utilising protective equipment to defend from potential hazards in the working environment. The areas that I would like to focus on today are the protection of two of our most valuable senses - hearing and sight.

Let’s start with sight. Protection of the delicate eye area (and ultimately sight) is critical in many different environments such as laboratories, factories and also during some sporting activities. The personal protective equipment used for this comes in many different guises - safety glasses, goggles or masks/visors. Clearly a necessity and often used on a daily basis, but how many of us maintain and clean our protective equipment correctly?

AF International’s new Specialist Cleaning Range contains specially developed products for this form of technical cleaning. Safety Glasses Cleaning wipes (SGC)are available in two separate packaging options; a re-sealable tub of 60 wipes or a box of 50 individual sachets. Ideal for communal cleaning areas, these impregnated wipes remove all grease and dust from a day’s work in the laboratory. The formulation is highly effective yet safe, even for prescription strength safety glasses.       

Ok, so listen to this (no pun intended!). Did you know that employers need to provide hearing protection at 85 decibels?  This is a level reached in many different working environments prompting the need for personal hearing protection. It’s not uncommon for employees to utilise a combination of ear muffs, headsets and foam ear buds for up to 8 hours a day. Grease and dirt can build up fairly quickly on this type of equipment and cleaning is essential. I road-tested this theory with colleagues and it gave some daunting results……To combat this use the new Hearing Protection Cleaning Wipes from AF International, (EPCW).A flat pack of 40 wipes, these are impregnated with a safe cleaning solution for daily maintenance.  

Imagine the cost of replacing a workforce’s personal protective equipment through lack of cleaning or maintenance? It makes perfect sense to sustain the lifetime of protective equipment by establishing a cleaning regime from the outset. The advice is simple – AF International’s Specialist Cleaning Range; a one-stop shop for PPE cleaning and more.