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Springing Into A Clean Theme With AF International

Posted on 09 March 2017 by the AF Team
Category: Education, Fun

Est. Read Time – 2 Minutes

Spring has finally arrived. As you read this, don’t let the blue skies and blooming daffodils through the office window distract you. Put that aside for 2 minutes, as I have crafted the ultimate ‘how to’ guide for springing into the clean theme using AF specialist cleaning solutions.

Let’s start with getting to work; you could be a home or office worker but I’ll bet that you can easily name that must have tech item that is always by your side….. Yes, you guessed it; your smartphone. Whether you use it as a music player, for platform games or the obvious calls and text messages, it sure does get some use. AF Smart Wipes may be small but they give big results. You will be surprised at the grease, dirt (and even make-up) that quickly builds up on screens but this is no match for the Smart Wipe. One quick swipe and the screen is sparkling and smear free.  

So now you have arrived at your workstation, let’s consider the area that represents ‘home’ for up to 8 hours a day:

Your desk ‘phone is ringing, (sometimes more than you want it to!) and this means that your handset is handled many times throughout the day. Handsets collect a lot of dust and grime throughout the day and therefore cleaning is essential. AF’s Phone Clene tub of 100 impregnated wipes make it really easy. A re-sealable tub of wet wipes to refresh your handset in an instant! 

Alternatively, you may use a headset at your workstation? Did you know the cleanliness of your headset can affect sound quality? A box of simple, individual AF Headset Clene wipes can remove daily dust build up ensuring good sound quality and keeping your equipment in tip top condition. 

One thing that is not to be missed (and is potentially used most frequently throughout the working day) is your keyboard. Especially if you are an office grazer or regularly eat lunch at your desk, a lot of food and grime can drop into the keys. AF recommends Sprayduster ZERO to quickly blast away dust and crumbs with zero harm to the environment. This Sprayduster also contains a straw for directing the spray to those hard to reach areas and three different power settings.   

Ok, so you have just blasted the remainder of last week’s sandwich crumbs away from your keyboard (and probably onto your desk) - it’s time to give your surface a clean sweep too. AF offer a really comprehensive selection but my personal favourite surface cleaner is Foamclene. It’s an all-rounder, the powerful foaming action lifts grease from external surfaces leaving a fresh finish. Of course don’t forget to use with an AF cloth.

I’m sure you are starting to see some positive results to your workstation, but we mustn’t neglect the screen! The difference that AF Multi-Screen Clene makes really must be seen to be believed.  This non-flammable, universal cleaning solution is supplied in a pump spray and is safe for use on all screens. It is supplied with a micro fibre cloth that stores neatly in the lid so no excuses for dirty screens!

Do you use a desk top or free standing printer by your workstation? Maintain it regularly with AF Platenclene and lose those annoying and unprofessional ink streaks on your print outs not to mention the frustration of breakdowns and paper jams.

So that’s covered everything. You can sit at a clean home or office workstation after powering quickly through our Spring Cleaning Guide.