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ATM/Chip and Pin Maintenance - Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure….

Posted on 12 April 2017 by the AF Team
Category: How-to

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Picture this; customers in your busy store, hungry to spend, the tills ringing with the sound of profits. Sounds perfect! Your cashiers are going through till rolls at a tremendous rate and are requesting additional supplies of change, but it’s not only cash to be mindful of. Did you know that consumers made 14.8 billion card transactions in 2016? Such a high level of transaction requires card reader equipment and ATMs to work first time, every time in order to maximise sales. The very last thing that you want is frustrated customers queueing to make their purchase only to be confronted by a card breakdown caused by the twin enemies, dust and grime.  

Don’t panic though…. Chip and pin catastrophes can be neatly averted with AF International’s Cardclene range.  A simple to use, plain white card impregnated with a cleaning solution for single use, perfect for preventing these sort of breakdown disasters. Simply insert into your card reader or swipe readers three or four times and turn over to use both sides for instant cleaning maintenance. Also available in an encoded range to ensure that the ATM accepts the cleaning card into the machine as part of a regular maintenance routine. Just think about the enhanced sales potential……..

Now ask yourself, do you know the cost implications of not maintaining your chip and pin terminals? The average cost of a chip and terminal ranges from £47 -£200 and multiply that by the quantity in your store; I would guess it’s pretty crucial to maintain them. The cost of card reader maintenance is priceless compared to a frustrated paying customer leaving your store.

Let’s now consider the potential for all card reading equipment. That’s correct; the Cardclene product range is not just restricted to chip and pin terminals. AF International have ticked all the boxes when it comes to variety of uses with the card cleaning range. ATM machines, car parking meters, travel tickets and hotels (to name but a few), all utilise card technology suitable for AF Cardclene solutions. AF International also produce two comprehensive kits crammed full of powerful cleaning products; ideal for cleaning everything from ink stains on thermal printer rollers to trapped dust in the card reading slot.  

The moral of the story? Each time you see a chip and pin that is not working and the sales assistant is frantically cleaning the customer’s card and apologising for the delay; each time you see an ATM or self-serve checkout only to be confronted with an ‘out of order sign’; each time you see a receipt with missing letters and numbers, be aware that regular cleaning and maintenance using AF International Specialist Cleaning Range could easily have prevented this! Don’t let some simple maintenance cost you and your business unnecessarily.

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