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Step Back Into The Classroom To A Dazzling Whiteboard

Posted on 16 August 2017 by the AF Team

Before you know it the summer holidays are over and it is back to school season. It may not have been a priority for end of term last year, but we can assure you whiteboard cleaning is something that you won’t want to miss during this new academic year.

The whiteboard is a focal point of any classroom so why not get the best from it? The AF cleaning products ensure that it is in tip top condition day after day and we wanted to give you the low down on how easy it really is to maintain a smart white appearance.

Ok, so firstly you could have stubborn ink left over from the last academic year that you thought had been removed…... Can you still see it? Don’t panic – stubborn ink is so simple to remove. AF Whiteboard Renovator removes all ‘ghosting’ in a trice. You know the type we mean, ink stains that always seem to be there no matter how hard you try to remove them. This does not have to be the case – there is a simple solution. AF’s whiteboard renovator is a powerful pump spray solution that you simply need to spray onto the whiteboard surface and let it work its’ magic. For best results we found that Safetiss or the super absorbent Safecloths effectively takes away all of the solution and ink stain residue. For that extra stubborn ghosting you may need to repeat the process.  

So now we have taken care of that annoying post-holiday cleaning, it’s time for the ultimate whiteboard maintenance guide. This will show you how to keep those whiteboards pristine all year round. Whether you have laminated, enamelled or even an interactive whiteboard, AF have the cleaning solutions.

Let’s start with the enamelled and laminated whiteboard surface. You have 3 options for a clean surface in addition to the whiteboard renovator. These include White Boardclene, Whiteboard Foamclene and Whiteboard Cleaning Kit. To kick start the new academic year we recommend White Boardclene. The refreshing pump spray cleaning solution effectively removes day to day ink residue to leave your whiteboard fresh for the day ahead.

For the more persistent stains you may need something stronger. Whiteboard Foamclene is an anti-static foaming cleaner that lifts off ink grease and dirt from the whiteboard surface. This foaming solution gets to work immediately and lifts ingrained stains. It can even be used on the metal frame of the whiteboard (just in case you need to).  

Lastly we have the complete Whiteboard Kit that ensures supreme cleaning in one handy kit. If you are a ‘convenience cleaner’ this kit contains all essential cleaning elements and more. Colourful magnets are packed alongside whiteboard cleaning solution, 20 absorbent cloths, 4 coloured pens and a soft peel able eraser . For those long days of the Autumn term you can be confident that this kit will keep cleaning refreshingly easy, yet effective. 

Have you ever experienced the sinking feeling associated with using a permanent ink marker on a whiteboard? It’s easily done; during a busy day you unexpectedly pick up a permanent marker in error and before you can blink it has tarnished the surface. You’re probably asking how on earth you can fix it. As luck would have it, AF also have a miracle permanent ink remover. For complete convenience it is available in a pump spray bottle or a pen version. If you choose the pump spray option after a quick shake just spray onto the affected area and leave to melt away the ink stain. It comes with Computiss tissues to wipe away the residue leaving the surface undamaged. It is definitely one of those products that is handy to have around as you can use it on non-porous surfaces too.

That’s everything covered for the standard whiteboards but if you use an interactive whiteboard, AF also have cleaning options for this medium. The tub of 100 Interactive whiteboard wipes are pre saturated to effectively remove dry ink residue with the added bonus of being in a re-sealable tub to lock in freshness.

So there you have it; getting the best from your whiteboard can be quickly achieved with straightforward yet effective cleaning solutions.  With a little cleaning maintenance imagine that feeling of stepping into the classroom with a crisp bright whiteboard every day.