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Look A Little Closer - How Dirty Is Your Keyboard?

Posted on 25 September 2017 by the AF Team

The humble QWERTY keyboard has been around for quite some time and are a very recognisable piece of equipment. Looking back at the history of this equipment, it has progressed significantly from the days of the typewriter. Over the years technology has certainly moved on and it is amazing to think of the typing speed competitions that were incredibly popular for many years (1920-1970). The keyboard is used in so many industries such as retail, hospitality and of course, offices; in fact, it is probably one of the most staple items of equipment and definitely used more than you would ever realise.  

Did you know that as you hit the space bar, 600,000 people across the globe are all doing the same thing? This just goes to show the demand for keyboard usage. Think about all of the other keys that we tap away on in an average working day. Whether you use wireless, ergonomic, laptop or standard, keyboards tend to have one key element in common. They all collect a phenomenal amount of daily dust and grime. If you are a biscuit fiend, these tasty crumbs find their way into your keyboard very easily! You probably don’t realise just how easy it is to keep these pesky crumbs at bay!

Ask yourself this, do you ever experience sticking key syndrome? You are frantically trying hit a certain key and it just sticks and you don’t know why. This can be quite frustrating and is likely to be caused by unseen dust and crumbs. Unfortunately tipping your keyboard upside down is just not sufficient to remove the offending dust and grime. We recently tested this for ourselves with the AF Sprayduster range. With a piece of white paper beneath the keyboard (to collect the evidence) we used the invertible sprayduster SDU to spray into the keyboard. Adding the extension tube actuator to the aerosol gave us real precision for the stubborn hard to reach areas. After the short blasts we couldn’t believe our eyes. Biscuit crumbs, eye lashes, make up, hair, skin and other random food particles appeared on the white paper. Super embarrassing and frankly we need to spread the word! Keyboard cleaning is not a choice it is an essential!

Following the sprayduster test, we wanted to ensure every last bit of grime was eliminated. The clever AF Ultraclene Kit (ULT010) provided some amazing results. It includes a wet and dry cloth plus an invaluable cleaning card to reach the inaccessible areas.

We set to work with our Ultraclene immediately after witnessing the earlier keyboard horrors and found the kit incredibly easy and satisfying to use. Opening the individually packed wet wipe we wrapped this around the cleaning card and swiped through the keys. Before we knew it, this once pristine wipe developed a dirty grey shade. I know what you are thinking and yes, you are correct! All the ingrained grease and dirt from between the keys had been collected onto the cleaning cloth. We repeated the process with the dry wipe and the cleaning card to dry off the area and lift any residual dirt.  One of the added bonuses of the Ultraclene Kit is that it can also be used on the surface of the keyboard too. It may surprise you that the average typist’s fingers travel 12.6 miles per working day so cleaning the surface of the keyboard is just as important is as the hidden grime inside too.

Have we got you thinking about how dirty your keyboard is? Why not enter the AF Keyboard Cleaning Contest for a chance to win a complete cleaning goodie bag and test it for yourself, we are sure you will be surprised by the results you find lurking at your fingertips.