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Fresher’s Week May Be Over, But Bacteria Hangs Around

Posted on 09 October 2017 by the AF Team

Est. Read Time – 2.5 Minutes

I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog as it takes me back to my student days and misspent youth! Ok, here goes, picture this; you’re settling into the student life of new studies, new accommodation and a brand new social circle. All very exciting, (if a little nerve wracking) and great fun until you are struck down by some unknown lurgy. No one wants to be the fun sponge so it is crucial that you prevent this early on.  

You may ask but how much will this cost on your new student budget? AF have just the solution; it is pocket sized and guaranteed not to stretch the student budget too far! AF Handclene HSG050 is a handy sized, pump spray hand gel that keeps hand fresh whilst on the move. It has been tested and registered against EN1276 and EN1500 which include all sorts of nasty beasties such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus hirae, Escherichia coli and Escherichia coli.  

The Handclene gel tackles bacteria quickly with a non-greasy, fast drying pleasant fragrance to leave skin fresh. Furthermore it is available in a handy pump spray bottle for on the move or even a larger hand pump perfect for your new accommodation. Hey, you may even want to share this with new flat mates to spread the clean theme? Take it from of us, this is essential for any student.

Not just for fresher’s week though, what about all that time spent in communal areas such as the library? It may not be something that you think about as you are frantically typing up your first assignment on the keyboards, but ask yourself how many other students have been using them too?  That’s a lot of grime and bacteria spreading to your fingertips, but with AF Handclene your hands will be clean and fresh in no time. It also have a pleasant fragrance that doesn’t dry out skin so that you can use it time after time.

In those early days of University life, I’m betting that your smartphone is still one of your best friends as it provides that valuable link to home. Whether it is a video call, text or phone call, your tech will be used a lot during your student life. How would you keep it fresh and fingerprint free? It doesn’t have to cost the earth, the AF tech cleaning solutions offer convenience and great value. Did you know that the average smartphone user touches their smartphone over 2600 times a day?  All of those group chats to catch up on and posting your fresher’s week fun on social media collectively lead to many fingerprints on tech screens.  So wiping your tech quickly on your jumper just isn’t going to cut it. AF Multi Screen Clene – Travel kit is easily accessible for your bag. A travel sized pump spray bottle that packs a lot of screen cleaning power. It gently lifts grease, all too common fingerprints, dust and dirt that builds up on tech screens such as your smartphone (that does go everywhere with you, even the bathroom, admit it) laptops, tablets and PC monitors. It also includes a soft micro-fibre cloth to use with the solution. With a quick spray onto the cloth your tech will be fingerprint free. No more annoying greasy smears or fingerprints and all safely within the student budget!

I previously mentioned spending time in the library on the communal equipment like the keyboards etc. You may have your own laptop that you take in. Am I right? Even more reason to keep this clean whilst at university. Just imagine this; you are on a roll, typing away for that essay due in shortly but your space bar keeps sticking. Stay calm – it can be fixed in a trice with an AF Sprayduster. The AF Sprayduster range tackles those hard to reach areas with short sharp blasts of air to blast away crumbs, dirt, dust and grime.

The thing to remember is that fresher’s week may only be a week, (or in my case just short of a month), but your tech and assignment essentials will be with you every semester. Keep your AF tech cleaning essentials nearby and stay on target for great results.

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