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Prevent POS Breakdowns During The Busiest Spending Season Of The Year.

Posted on 20 November 2017 by AF Web
Category: How-to

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On the 24th November the shopping event of the year, Black Friday, will be in full swing with shoppers ready to splurge their cash.  This marks the start of the busiest spending season of the year on the lead up to Christmas. Eager shoppers will have been conducting their research in order to ‘bag the best bargain’ and sometimes a little forward planning can go a long way. This rationale similarly applies to retailers. Payment machines will be going into overdrive as cash tills ring, receipts print and card payments are authorised. So what does this mean for retailers? Ask yourself; how often does a breakdown cost your business money? You need to act now if you want to reap the rewards of bargain hungry shoppers this season.

Did you know that the total UK Christmas spending reached £77.56bn in 2016? Considering such large stakes it is crucial that point of sale equipment is working efficiently to keep up with consumer demand. As these breakdowns are often unexpected we delved deeper to look at the root cause. Do you ever think about the amount of cards that are inserted into the card readers at your store? For every card that passes through the reader, dust, grease and dirt collects which eventually causes equipment breakdown. For these situations, prevention is always better than cure and the AF Card Cleaning range really does cover all bases.  CCP020 is an individually packed, IPA impregnated card that can be easily inserted into the chip and pin reader, removing built up dust and grime from the equipment. What could be simpler? A straightforward, efficient card cleaning process that ensures a continuous flow of customer transactions; after all, no one wants to see angry shoppers leaving a store, frustrated by the payment queues!  

Black Friday often heralds slashed prices on large electrical appliances. For these purchases a receipt is most definitely required. Ask yourself this; how many times do you see the stained black line through the receipts you are handing out to your customers? This unsightly streak is down to the ever present dust and grime build up on the thermal printer head. Progressing down the technical route, this dust and grime collects on the printer head and reacts with the heat generated; this is then transferred onto the thermosensitive paper causing the dirt to streak down the paper.  Simply changing the receipt roll of paper unfortunately does not solve the problem – a specialist cleaning solutions is required. To remove undesirable dirt and grime, AF Platenclene solution is the answer.  To refresh your receipt printer, simply remove the roll of paper, spray the AF Platenclene onto an AF cloth (or buds) and wipe the affected area - (for example the printer roller). Wait for the area to dry out completely before attempting to re-use. This is a typical example of a commonly overlooked area that can be simply addressed with an AF cleaning regime.

Retailers really need to be ahead of the game when it comes to card reader maintenance. Remember a happy customer = happy profits. For all year round maintenance we appreciate convenience is so important. The AF POS kit gives great all round cleaning in an easy to use kit so you can ensure equipment is well maintained and your employees are working in a clean environment. Test it for yourself, will you beat the dreaded costly breakdowns by using AF specialist cleaning?