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Just When You Thought VR Was Just About Gaming…..

Posted on 14 December 2017 by the AF Team
Category: Education, Fun, How-to

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Following the successful launch of commercially available VR equipment, 2017 has seen further development in the world of virtual reality. Just when we thought it was ‘all about gaming’, many more industries have piggy-backed the trend and are fully embracing virtual reality as a means of training, sales, education and more. It may surprise you to know that the first generation of VR technology was launched decades ago? Although not available direct to the general public until recent years, the very first flight stimulator was actually made in 1920. Nearly a century later, times have certainly changed. VR really is everywhere! We’re sure that back in 1920 they didn’t expect to see VR headsets being used for military applications

Here at AF International, we have previously talked about the cleaning opportunities relating to VR headsets but our focus has been very much towards the gaming sector and personal use. There are now however, many additional uses including group activity, particularly within the educational sector. What better way to engage pupils than by using technology that they can relate to, steering away from the traditional teaching methods? VR headsets are proving a popular tool with multiple users on a daily basis and effective cleaning is essential.  

AF’s Tech Wipes were used recently at a college open day with VR as a demonstration method to 1,000 potential students.  It was critical to make sure the potential students received the best viewing experience and enjoyed a freshly cleaned VR headset. Our Tech wipes are ideal for the education sector; a re-sealable handy pack of 25 impregnated wipes that clean the screen as well as the plastic casing for convenience when busy in the classroom. 

It comes as no surprise that the VR and AR reality market will reach a whopping $162 billion by 2020. Fortunately AF International have the ideal cleaning tools to keep this high value tech in tip top condition. Another growing sector for use of VR technology is the medical sector. For instance, are you aware that VR can be used to treat anxiety as well as in medical training schools for surgery? Communal use of equipment definitely requires some smart cleaning solutions that are both quick and effective. There are a variety of cleaning options available from AF including our Smart Wipes and Tech Wipes. These will quickly and efficiently clean the delicate VR equipment. Alternatively, pump sprays, sachets and tubs are all available to tackle the build-up of grime on the outer plastic casing.   

Case Study

A selection of AF cleaning products were used recently as part of a health and safety training day for an engineering company that specialised in plastic products packaging. Using the VR headset for multiple users (based both in offices and on the shop floor) meant multiple uses and therefore delivering the correct ‘cleaning message’ was crucial. The face pad and screen area were cleaned in between uses, removing grease, dust and grime build up to keep the VR headsets in top quality condition for delivering the training. There is also a natural feel good factor associated with using clean equipment and on this occasion left the trainees free to concentrate on the health and safety messages.

So when we think about VR going forward, it doesn’t just mean the gaming industry, does it? As the technology develops further over the coming years so will the demand for effective cleaning solutions.  

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