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How-To Guide - Ensure That Your Workstation Is In Shape For 2018

Posted on 11 January 2018 by the AF Team
Category: How-to

Est. Read Time – 2.5 Minutes

How-To Guide - Ensure That Your Workstation Is In Shape For 2018

Yes, it’s that time of year again; the annual opportunity to draw a line under the Christmas excess and make plans for the forthcoming months. We’ve all been bitten with the “New Year, New Me” bug at some time, caught up in the infectious drive for a fresh start to the year. We all love the feeling of being motivated but it doesn’t need to stop at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes the best and most effective New Year’s resolutions are the simplest. Here at AF International we decided to talk you through some brand new workouts for 2018. The AF workstation workout is designed to ensure that your workstation in is great shape for 2018. We know that workspaces come in all shapes and sizes and our simple ‘how to’ guide will quickly reveal the most effective workout regime for any workstation.

Follow our straightforward steps below to get your workstation fit for work day after day:

Step 1

So just ask yourself, how fit is your keyboard? The keyboard is a common culprit to crumbs, grime and dust. Sometimes little granules just appear locked into those small spaces, right? The comprehensive AF sprayduster range tackles hard to reach areas with the powerful spray function to blast away daily grime. Take it from us; a daily blast from an AF sprayduster will soon ensure that your keyboard is in great shape.    

Step 2

Do you really need to put ‘muscle’ into surface cleaning? When looking for a surface cleaner the options are endless but personally I favour a solution that does not require too much muscle power! AF International’s specialist solutions are tailored around effectiveness and convenience and are available in many different packaging types including impregnated wipes, sprays and aerosols. Why not create a new cleaning regime with our super strength foam cleaner and lint free cloths – clean surfaces in a trice (with no muscle power required).    

Step 3

Would you like to go from strength to strength with your screen cleaning? We view our screens on average for 8 hours per day during the working week and a smear free finish is therefore really important; not just to see the screen clearly, but as part of the workstation workout. Screen cleaning solutions are a real speciality for AF International. Options are endless with dry lint free cloths, pump spray solutions and impregnated wipes (tubs and sachets) to keep screens sparkling each day.

Step 4

Just how do you add power to desk ‘phone cleaning? For all of those times that you pick up your handset, (or someone else does!), grime is deposited, especially around the ear and mouth piece - not to mention the keys. Telephone cleaning is an integral part of the AF workstation workout. Our Phoneclene Wipes target the grime with one simple swipe. For extra activity and ‘calorie burning’ you can also add headset cleaning to your workout.

Step 5

Do you often wonder what lurks in and around your PC mouse? Believe it or not, your humble desk-top mouse really is just as important as all other areas in the workstation workout. At times, it can be used as much as a keyboard and is subject to grease, grime, handprints and crumbs. Just add in a simple AF cleaning wipe to eliminate build-up of daily grime and ensure complete freshness.  If you want to go the extra mile why not add a hand sanitizer to the circuit and keep hands fresh throughout the day?

In my experience, the biggest problem with New Year Resolutions concerns how easy they are to adhere to. Keep it simple this year with the AF workstation workout. It’s the only training plan you need for workstation cleaning.