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So,…..When Is A ‘Phone Not A ‘Phone?

Posted on 15 February 2018 by the AF Team
Category: How-to, Fun

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So,…..When Is A ‘Phone Not A ‘Phone?

For this months’ blog we have handed the reins over to AF International Key Account Manager Sue Simkiss. We asked Sue what appears to be a ‘trick’ question, “When is a ‘phone not a ‘phone?” Over to you, Sue…….

Thank you, I’ve been really looking forward to writing this months’ blog and the ‘trick’ question has certainly given me food for thought. From my perspective the answer is that a ‘phone is rarely just a ‘phone because it is so much more! My smartphone is always close by and I have just used it to research some facts and figure on phone usage. In reality, a ‘phone represents a whole world of opportunities. 

Just looking at my ‘phone reminds me of the dramatic changes and improvements experienced over the years. I remember the days when text messages had character limits and ‘phones were restricted to one 2D game. Looking back to around 2010, smartphones saw a huge increase in usage in conjunction with a new array of in-built features. Easy internet access and WIFI has offered countless further opportunities for the device transforming it into a portable workstation. This prompted me to consider all the different tasks for which a ‘phone has become invaluable but also got me thinking about the times my tech cleaning gets missed too. 

Did you know that research has shown that the average person only uses their ‘phone for calls roughly 12 minutes a day? This figure did take me by surprise initially and is actually around half of the average daily time spent surfing the internet. I decided to check my own usage profile and establish exactly what I use my smartphone for on a daily basis. The results are quite surprising and make me wonder how I ever lived my life pre-smartphone days….

  • Starting from 6am with the dreaded sound of the morning alarm, I swipe for just one snooze followed by some social media scrolling. (There’s two features pre seven am!)
  • As I apply my makeup for the day, my phone rings and before I know it there is make up straight on the screen. I always keep AF Smartwipes handy for this sort of thing, they are small enough to store and washable so that it keeps my phone dust free whenever I need it.
  • I then connect up to my car with either maps for directions or a music app via Bluetooth; of course emails coming through to my phone come in very handy when on the road for meetings/sales events, along with my calendar reminders.
  • For blitz and sales focus days I use my camera regularly throughout the day and as I approach lunchtime I find myself still using my phone. If I’m not playing my favourite platform game I find myself online shopping or reading the latest news not to mention using the paying app to tap and go when in a hurry for lunch on the go.
  • After a quick catch up on phone calls, it’s time for home, but my smartphone usage does not stop there.

Secret Alert….I’m ashamed to confess this, but I know that it will stay between the two of us. I’m guilty of taking my ‘phone into the bathroom. Yes, it really does go everywhere with me but I’m guessing that I’m not alone in this regard? Aren’t we all culprits of this at some time or another? Obviously this does come at a risk, (like the time I dropped my phone in the bath, luckily I made a dash for AF Tech Rescue, but I’ll tell you about that little drama another time). 

  • Back to the record of my daily ‘phone use, it’s now time for dinner and I have a new recipe in mind. As I tap away on my phone for the recipe, it dawns on me… Did I clean my ‘phone after visiting the bathroom? In a slight panic I realise I didn’t. Ewww!  Where is my screen cleaning solution when I need it? I grab my trusty AF Multi-Screen Clene spray and cloth from my handbag.
  • Back to the cooking, (and feeling rather like Nigella), I compliment myself on a great gourmet bolognaise before noticing a few splashes on my ‘phone screen. AF Multi-Screen Clene swings into action once more and saves the day.  
  • As I relax into the evening, I find myself scrolling through social media, catching up on group chat messages and finally reading an online book before bed.

Now this is just my regime, I am pretty sure there are plenty more additions such as online banking, fitness tracking, weather updates and more. It’s safe to say that I definitely rely on my smartphone and I’m not alone. The average person spends around a whopping 900 hours per year on their ‘phone, but how many minutes do they spend cleaning it?  

The possibilities contained within these little devices have really stretched the definition of a ‘phone.  It is our go-to tech from the minute we wake, often until we are ready to sleep. In my opinion a ‘phone is never just a ‘phone, it is my round the clock touch screen tech. As technology develops, I think we will become more attached not only to the phone but also to the need to clean our much loved tech. Don’t you agree?

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