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Keyboard Capers, Workstation Workout and Malteser Racing – (AKA On The Road With AF International)

Posted on 05 April 2018 by AF Web
Category: Fun, How-to

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Keyboard Capers, Workstation Workout and Malteser Racing – (AKA On The Road With AF International)

My alarm wakes me an hour earlier than usual today, at the bright and early start of 5am; (well maybe not so bright, rather dark) and a most definitely wintry February morning. As I head off for an early morning walk with my dog I start to think about the day ahead. Instead of my usual 20 minute commute I will be meeting Key Account Manager Sue Simkiss for an action-packed blitz day at one of our dealers based in Brighton on the south coast.  

As we are based in Leicestershire, I had arranged to meet Sue at 7am, - quite a rush as I am normally running late due to a very energetic new puppy! With the satnav primed and set, we head off on the 380 mile round trip to Brighton.  

After what seemed like hours we arrived at our ‘destination’ (in the words of Sue’s satnav), and we started unpacking the car full of samples, giveaways and the all-important Malteser race track.

After Sue had introduced me to the sales team we set up our Workstation Workout area and started the demonstrations with AF specialist products. As part of the blitz day process, we tend to choose a good ‘ice breaker’ and this time we decided to focus on unearthing the dust and grime lurking in desk keyboards with a challenge entitled “How dirty is your keyboard?”. A plain sheet of white paper will capture the dust and crumbs revealing just how much becomes trapped beneath the keys. Taking an AF sprayduster, I begin the cleaning process and reveal crumbs, eyelashes, hair skin and general dust flying out from the keyboard. The centre staff are literally speechless and cannot believe their eyes. The keyboard challenge has to be one of my favourites as it has a real shock value; everyone is always amazed by the contents of their keyboard.  

After the initial ice breaker, Sue and I work out way around the room cleaning surfaces with foam cleaners, screens with pumps prays and phones with handy sachets – performing the AF Workstation Workout and demonstrating just how easy it is to set up a regular cleaning regime.

As part of the blitz day process, we always ask for volunteers to partake in videos and images that we can share via social media and Brighton was no exception. We literally had a queue of willing volunteers eager to participate; (this was helped along substantially with the promise of VR football!). Following the games, we of course took time to demonstrate the effectiveness and versatility of AF Tech Wipes. These handy flatpacks of impregnated wipes are super safe and effective on all forms of tech. The sales team were happy to engage with us and road test the products on their own items of technology.

As part of the Workstation Workout we move onto one of the most common items of equipment in a call centre environment, the hands-free headset. Working our way around the desks enabled us to ‘clean up’ the headsets with a simple wipe, demonstrating just how much hair product, make-up, and fake tan can be trapped following a single use. To encourage a quick cleaning regime we left samples of our Headset Clene and Hot Desk Kits as giveaways.   

I couldn’t believe how quickly the morning passed as it was now time for lunch. As we were visiting the seaside, it seemed only fitting that we should locate a traditional fish and chips shop for lunch. Sales team, I salute you; fish and chips do taste better by the sea.

Following lunch, it was time to hand the reins over to the sales team for the much anticipated AF Sprayduster Malteser Race. Yes, you did it read that correctly, a race involving a sprayduster and Maltesers; what’s not to love? We set up our 1.5 metre long AF race track for a competitive race to see who could blast their Malteser to the finishing line first using an AF invertible sprayduster. Great fun for all involved!

 As the day draws to a close we hand out our free marketing tools with everything needed to help the sales team sell more AF. Before we knew it we was heading back up north with some classic Culture Club songs for our in car entertainment…

If you are interested in boosting your AF sales with the help of one of our action packed blitz days please contact us on  . 

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