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De-clutter Your Desk And De-clutter Your Mind

Posted on 14 June 2018 by AF Web

Est. Read Time – 2.5 Minutes

De-clutter Your Desk And De-clutter Your Mind

 In the UK, full-time employees work an average of 37.3 hours per week. Obtaining the optimum quality output from an employee is an increasing theme and consequently a lot of emphasis is now placed upon ways of achieving this. Some companies are even having “Bring your dog to work day” with others supporting Step Count Competitions promoting fitness, releasing endorphins for a happy team. You may have heard the phrase, ‘Happy employees = happy customers’; I agree that this is true to a certain extent but most definitely not the whole story. I’ll be explaining further throughout this blog.

It may not be a surprise to hear that studies show that a messy workplace can give a negative impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of employees. You may have witnessed fellow employees complaining that they are ‘snowed under’ or ‘literally do not know where to start……’ . This feeling is often cause by pressure and stressful situations but this term could also quite literally mean that a person is staggering under the sheer weight of their messy desk. Disorganisation can reap havoc with productivity and also have a negative impact on employee wellbeing. Additionally, a disorganised or messy workstation can also appear unprofessional. Businesses promoting health and wellbeing within the office are not only benefitting the employees but also having a positive impact upon company image.

In this months’ blog I wanted to talk about how AF can help improve wellbeing in the office; by this, we are not just referring to the touchy subject of the temperature wars! (For reference, research has shown that the average British person finds the ideal office temperature to be 21oC). As summer approaches this brings with it longer days and sunlight helping us to feel more energized. Did you know that the sun is often dubbed the ‘happiness hormone’? Employee well-being is certainly not exclusive to the summer season though as good health and wellbeing should be a key driver throughout the year. Here at AF International we have the perfect solution. The AF 1 Stop Desk De-clutter; after all, a decluttered desk = a decluttered mind.

Don’t worry, we are realists and totally understand that no one can spend valuable hours cleaning their workstation. In answer to this we have created three one stop products to clean your workstation in rapid time. 

So let’s think about the workstation, what areas will require cleaning? Without a doubt your keyboard.  Screen and surfaces are also some of the most commonly used areas and would benefit from the attention of AF’s one stop products. 

Here goes, you might want to set your timer because this is going to be quick! Who knows? You could even turn this into an office cleaning race.

Grab your AF Ultraclene Keyboard Cleaning Kit; simply take out the wet wipe and wrap it around the cleaning tool. Allow the tool to glide through the keys and watch it gather the grime. Repeat this step using the dry wipe and the cleaning tool to leave a fresh finish between your keys. Not a crumb in sight!

Now is the time to focus upon your screen and we just love the versatility of this product. AF Multi Screen Clene really does have it all. A 200ml pump spray cleaning solution with a free micro fibre cloth to leave a variety of screens smear free. Always remember that AF recommends spraying the solution onto the cloth before cleaning – do not spray directly onto the screen surface. It’s so easy, a couple of pump sprays and your monitor is sparkling. Don’t forget that you can also use this product for smartphones.

Last but not least, it’s time to tackle the surface cleaning (and we don’t just mean your desk). AF’s tub of Isoclene wipes are a re-sealable tub of wipes impregnated with isopropanol (a safe grime fighting solution) that will be your go-to surface cleaner. These wipes are a generous size for your desk, mouse and even your desk phone. You see, a clean workstation instantly makes you feel better doesn’t it? We know that it is important to keep a clear and clean desk all year round, but especially so when the sun is shining and highlighting all those dust motes. Your de-cluttered workstation is just 3 simple steps away.