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How To Clean Your Whiteboard (– It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!)

Posted on 19 July 2018 by AF Web
Category: Education, How-to

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How To Clean Your Whiteboard (– It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!)

Whiteboards have been a focal point of both classroom and business conference areas for many years now and offer great opportunities for engagement and collaborative working. Just to put this into some kind of context, in the UK alone there are roughly 500,000 full time teachers; that’s a lot of potential for whiteboard use!

As popular as whiteboards are, cleaning regimes are often neglected. Over time, there can be an accumulation of stubborn ink, dry residue and ghosting. Thanks to our highly effective cleaning products, these issues can be easily remedied. Read our essential ‘how to’ guide for whiteboard cleaning:  

Dry Ink Residue

Dry wipe markers are most commonly used for whiteboard surfaces and the endless information that is written daily can soon leave a dirty residue. Without regular cleaning, this residue builds up and up. Fortunately this is one of the easiest residues to remove from a whiteboard.

SolutionAF Whiteboard Clene is a generous 250ml pump spray that you spray directly onto the enamel or laminated whiteboard surface; spray at roughly 20cm away to dissolve dried ink. Using an absorbent cloth, simply wipe away the ink to leave a brilliant white finish. The whiteboard surface will be fresh in a matter of seconds with the addition of a pleasant citrus fragrance.   

Ghosting Grime

Don’t be afraid; your whiteboard can be white once again. Whiteboard ghosting can be caused from frequent whiteboard usage, using dirty erasers or by using incorrect pens leaving a stained “ghosted” ink surface. Old ink residue left on the whiteboard surface also adds to the ghosting.

SolutionAF Whiteboard Renovator targets stubborn dried on ink to reveal a white surface. Spray this 125ml solution straight onto the affected area and wipe away with AF tissues or cloths. For really stubborn stains it may be necessary to repeat the process.

Permanent Ink Panic

Accidents do happen; sometimes you may accidently use a permanent ink marker instead of a whiteboard marker. Believe it or not there is a solution and it doesn’t have to mean investing in a new whiteboard.

Solution – AF Permanent Ink Remover is available in a 125ml pump spray or smaller handy pen. This amazing solution ensures that permanent ink stains can be banished for good. Just spray the product directly onto the stained area and let it dissolve slightly. Complete the process by wiping away the residue and repeating if necessary.

Ensure That Your Eraser Is Clean!

Yes believe it or not, erasers can cause problems for whiteboard surfaces. When using a dirty eraser ink can be transferred onto the clean whiteboard. Just imagine continuously using a dirty cloth; this would have a similar long term effect.

Solution – By using a peelable eraser from AF you can be confident that the eraser is clean when needed. This soft, lightweight eraser allows you to remove the felt layers to reveal a clean eraser as required.

Let’s Talk Interactive

Interactive whiteboards are increasingly popular and a strong visual support for the education market. Their specific surface material requires a slightly different cleaning solution.

Solution – AF Interactive whiteboard wipes are a re-sealable tub of impregnated cleaning wipes designed especially for interactive whiteboard surfaces. Just wipe away the grime and your interactive board is as good as new.

All round cleaning

Day to day life can be busy and sometimes we just need convenience. You know, everything in one place.

Solution – The AF Whiteboard Cleaning Kit does just this and offers a whiteboard cleaning solution, eraser, cloths and even 4 bright coloured pens and magnets to keep your whiteboard in the best of health.  

Whiteboard cleaning does not need to be an onerous task – little and often really is the key. AF International’s cleaning regime is super simple. Remember, whiteboard cleaning is easy as 1, 2, 3.

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