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AF Products Really Do Travel

Posted on 29 August 2018 by AF Web
Category: Fun, How-to

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AF Products Really Do Travel

For this months’ blog we have handed over the metaphorical reins to our National Sales and Account Manager Mike Woods. For those of you who don’t know Mike, he hails from ‘down under’ and is a frequent traveller. We decided to find out about some of his favourite travelling companions – his AF products; over to you Mike.

AF products are simply the perfect travelling partners for me especially when I’m journeying on long haul flights to our Head Office in the UK. During these lengthy flights I spend a lot of time on my electronic devices for both work and relaxation. As well as on board in-flight entertainment my smartphone and tablet are always nearby.

My favourite cleaning products for travel, (I always stock up on these before embarking on a trip), has to be my packs of AF Tech Wipes, Screen cleaner, Hand Gel and Headset Cleaning Wipes.

 Make Yourself Comfortable – It’s Movie Time

Ok, so the main priority here is for me to make myself comfortable and ensure that the on-board entertainment screen is nice and clean. The sun shining through the window really highlights the sticky fingerprints from the previous occupant of my seat. My go-to resource for this is a simple travel sized universal screen cleaning solution (AF Multi Screen Clene), perfect for cleaning all screens quickly and efficiently. During my last long haul flight, a fellow passenger even asked to borrow this too! Of course I obliged; I don’t think I could have sat and witnessed seeing a screen smeared in fingerprints for 17 hours.

You Heard It Here First – Clean Those Headphones!

Headphones are next on my list of items to clean. I have already used my headphones extensively, (during my waiting time at the airport in fact) and a quick refresh is essential for the long journey ahead. After wearing my headphones for hours on end, I really dislike the feeling of sticky and uncomfortable headphones so AF Headset Clene wipes are ideal. The individually packed wipes are perfect for travel so I can just grab a few for the journey and wipe away any greasy grime in the blink of an eye.

As you can imagine after at least 10 hours of flying I need to stretch my legs. I use this time to refresh my headphones with Headset Clene. A couple of people (sporting top branded headphones) spot what I am doing and ask about the wipes. I ask them how often they clean their headphones and was shocked by their reply. That’s right, they said never! I gave them a sachet to try and they couldn’t believe the results. They thought their headphones were clean but the dirty sachet told a different story.  Sometimes I look around and wonder to myself, how often do other passengers clean their headphones? I’m guessing not a lot.

Meals On Wheels

In the confines of the aircraft I regularly get smudges, fingerprints and sticky marks all over my smartphone, screen and tablet. Obviously in-flight meals are a welcome surprise but touch screen tech catches the brunt of this with numerous fingerprint smears. I grab my handy flat pack of AF Tech wipes to quickly remove the smears; as the pack is re-sealable I can pop them back into my bag for when I next require them.

 Spreading The Clean Theme

A few naps and meals later we have safely landed and it’s time to disembark. Whilst waiting patiently for my fellow passengers to collect their belongings, I remember my AF Hand Gel, ideal for a hand refresh in super quick time. It dries rapidly and is fragrance free.  As I am heading for the steps one of the air hostesses pauses before saying goodbye and leans forward to ask me about my Tech Wipes, she must have seen me cleaning my phone). I always like to share the benefits of AF and spread the clean theme and I therefore left one of my unopened packets of Tech Wipes with the airline for them to try.  Who knows they could be one of our next customers?

My Final Fleeting (or should I say flying) Thought

I have to admit that I would be lost without my long haul AF travel cleaning regime. The diversity of smart packaging makes my AF travel companions easy to carry in my hand luggage and are always available for a really quick yet effective clean whenever required. This is my personal in-flight cleaning regime and ensures that my equipment is clean and representing a professional image, just like AF.