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Is it “cool” to take the plunge and join the hot desking trend?

Posted on 17 September 2018 by AF Web

Hot Desking Office

The evolution of the traditional workstation has somewhat changed over the years. Floppy disks (remember those?) and typewriters are but a distant memory and have been replaced with USBs, wireless keyboards and much more in this world of fast changing technology. As technology has vastly improved over the years this has impacted society and the need for a clean minimalist workstation; (paperless office environments – need we say more?). The one common denominator for all workstations however is the requirement to clean.  

A clean and tidy workstation is more important than you may think. A de-cluttered and minimalist desk space can encourage a clearer thinking mind and reduce the stress caused by physical piles of work. Did you know that in the UK alone 12.5million working days in 2017 were lost to stress?* It isn’t surprising that employers are trying to promote a clean desk policy.

We have said it before but the fact remains that workstations really do come in all different shapes and sizes. A workstation is no longer exclusively confined to seating for the entirety of the working day; trendy ‘stand up’ ergonomic workstations are becomingly increasingly popular with tangible benefits to both employee productivity and health. Day to day work can be carried out exactly the same with the same PC equipment but without the needs for chairs, promoting a clean and tidy environment.

One area that demands a clean desk policy is the up and coming trend for hot desking. In short hot desking is the business practice of removing personal desks and saving spaces whilst improving costs. For example, some businesses have reported savings of up to 30% by adopting this workstation trend*. Whilst it may be beneficial to the employers there are considerable benefits to employees too. An open office can boost collaborative working as well as offering a flexible option for remote workers.

As with any workstation, unwanted dirt and grime can be hiding but in hot desk environments multiple employees will be using the very same equipment. Increased levels of keyboard crumbs, greasy fingerprints and coffee stain culprits prompt the need to clean. With this in mind we have answered the 5 most common questions on hot desk cleaning to help you make the decision on whether to take the plunge into the hot desking world.

Why do I need to clean my workstation for hot desking in particular?

More users are working in one area, for example a keyboard can collect not just crumbs from your lunch when eating “al-desko” but also a build-up grime from the previous user the week before. An AF sprayduster blasts away unwanted crumbs quickly with the actuator straw to access the hard to reach areas.

What can I clean my mouse with that is quick and easy?

There are many options available but a simple surface cleaning wipe such as AF PC cleaning wipes work well. Impregnated with a gentle yet effective cleaning solution it freshens plastic casings quickly.

I have to adjust my screen each time I hot desk and it is covered in fingerprints, help?

Fingerprints and smears are a real annoyance as they can restrict the viewing. AF Multi Screen Clene is excellent for keeping all screens sparkling. Always spray onto a lint free cloth first and swish away smears in an instant.

What is the best option for cleaning a handset?  

A desk phone needs to be cleaned differently to a smartphone. A re sealable tub of AF Phone Clene wipes are handy to share in the office but also available in individual sachets. Simply wipe all areas of the handset including ear and mouth pieces to keep your desk phone pristine for you and the next user.

I’m too busy to clean, is there a simple convenient option available?

AF have launched just the thing for hot deskers. The AF Hot Desk Kit includes a 50ml Multi Screen Clene, soft cloth and phone cleaning wipes all in its own cute drawstring bag, ideal for on the move.

Remember – all workstations need a regular cleaning regime. How do you clean yours?

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