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5 Tips To Beat The Winter Blues In The Office

Posted on 09 November 2018 by AF Web

We all have that feeling every so often; 6am and your alarm is going off and it is no longer sun peeking through the blinds, but darkness with a glimpse of the moon still shining. The struggle to get out of bed is always more of a challenge in winter isn’t it? The ‘winter blues’ often starts from the lack of natural sunlight; dark mornings and darker evenings give us the feeling of shorter days.

For this month’s blog we wanted to share some tips on staying healthy and happy in the office over the winter season. We recently discovered that most of us spend more time at work than we do asleep! All the more reason to make your workstation a happy place. After all, a happy clean workstation means a happy you. Here’s where to start.

Declutter your desk

A messy desk can lead to distraction and cause wholly preventable stress. Removing clutter and being more organised can increase productivity and concentration with the added gain of more desk space.

 Remember ‘A tidy desk is a tidy mind’.

Blast the grime to the past

A simple cleaning regime has great benefits. By blasting away keyboard crumbs with a sprayduster you literally see the dirt fly out giving that sense of achievement and the knowledge that your keyboard is dust and grime free. Complete the cycle by cleaning away debris with a tub of Isoclene cleaning wipes to refresh the surface completely.

“I can see clearly now, the dirt has gone”….

After viewing a screen for almost 8 hours per day, there is of course an expected strain on our vision. Removing dust particles and greasy fingerprints keeps the resolution sharp and clear for us to view. An AF Multi Screen cleaner instantly rejuvenates the screen’s clarity to leave it sparkling and fresh.

Go outdoors

We hear you; it isn’t exactly appealing to go outdoors in the cold temperatures but ironically, spending time outdoors can help to deflect those winter blues. Taking a break from your workstation can recharge your batteries for the afternoon. Avoid the 3pm slump and increase productivity.

Stay hydrated

So we’re not talking about the Christmas flavoured coffees here, (but we do agree that they are hard to resist over the festive period) - hydration in the office is key to staying to focussed and improving memory. Why not set yourself a target with a 2 litre bottle of water to drink daily?

We can’t brighten the skies but we can certainly help to brighten up your workstation and beat the winter blues whilst in the office. Let’s embrace the season and stay focussed on being happy at our desk with a clean and tidy workstation.