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‘Tis The Season To Keep Your Tech Gadgets Clean – The Definitive AF Cleaning Guide

Posted on 30 November 2018 by AF Web
Category: Fun, How-to

‘Tis The Season To Keep Your Tech Gadgets Clean – The Definitive AF Cleaning Guide

As the Christmas holiday season approaches we see technology play a considerable part. Not only do Black Friday bargains encourage spending on tech gadgets and gaming accessories for loved ones (and maybe yourself too), we tend to use our tech for endless online browsing and shopping.  At the swipe of a touch screen or tap of the mouse, we can have purchases delivered ‘next day’ or sometimes the very same day - right to our door. It is therefore no surprise that the year heralded an increase of 39% for online shopping by smartphone compared to the previous year.  

For this blog we will be providing the definitive AF cleaning guide to keep your tech clean for those festive tech purchases. Pay attention gamers; this one’s for you….

Did you know that as a planet we spend a staggering 3 billion hours per week playing videogames? We agree; this sounds a phenomenal amount of time but just 1 hour per day can rack up the equivalent of a working week by the end of the month. So how much of this time do we spend cleaning?

Gaming controllers tend to bear the brunt of the action. Just think about the ‘snack attacks’ experienced whilst gaming; crumbs and grease find a refuge between the keys and let’s face it - does anyone really want to find the remnants from last months’ biscuit binge. AF PC Cleaning wipes can instantly remove dirt, dust and smears from plastic casings. For those of you using keyboards, AF Ultraclene contains a handy tool to access those difficult areas and release those stubborn crumbs too.

If you ‘go live’ whilst gaming, you will be familiar with the gaming headset that is vital for communication. Yes, the mesh does protect grime to a certain degree but this mesh also accumulates dirt and even ear wax (yuck!) which can distort sound quality. To keep your ear pieces fresh, AF Headset cleaning sachets quickly remove all traces of unwanted dirt and grime.

A key area of focus in the tech gaming world has to be the screen; after all, a high definition screen makes all of the difference to your gaming experience. Dust particles easily gather on the screen surfaces which can ultimately ruin the crisp screen surface. AF’s Multi Screen Clene is perfect for removing dust, grease and smears. Always remember to make sure that the cloth is free from debris before using and spritz the solution onto the cloth. (This is my absolute must-have product, a completely safe universal screen cleaner. What’s not to love?). 

The relative newbies to the gaming world are the VR (virtual reality) headsets. These canny bits of kit transport you into another dimension; just mind-blowing until you realise that you haven’t cleaned away any of the daily dirt, ever. Refreshing this eyewear is so important, especially if you share the headset. AF Tech Wipes are a flat pack of impregnated cleaning wipes that are safe to use on the screens as well as plastic casings to keep your VR headsets in optimum condition.

Ok, so enough of the fun - let’s get technical.  How often do you think about the vents of your PC or gaming console? These small spaces trap and hold dust and really heat up during use. Using an AF Sprayduster to blast away the dust re-opens the ventilation channels ensuring that the heat does not build excessively.  

Last, but by no means least, we would like to talk about your beloved touch screen technology items. This includes smartphones and tablets for all of those addictive games we play at home and on the move. As you can imagine, touch screen tech harbour fingerprints galore not to mention make up and even food residue. A travel sized screen is essential for keeping our most used tech clean on a daily basis. AF Multi Screen Clene 25ml is a travel sized pump spray with a super soft microfibre cloth to keep touch screen tech shiny.

Gaming isn’t just for Christmas though, you game all year round - so grab your AF cleaning essentials now and keep your cleaning routine complete all year round.

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