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Which Type of AF Cleaner Are You? …….. It’s Up To You

Posted on 02 January 2019 by AF Web
Category: Fun, How-to

Which Type of AF Cleaner Are You? …….. It’s Up To You

This months’ blog is all about you. What sort of cleaner are you? A spritzer, blaster, swiper or a sprayer. When it comes to cleaning we all have a go-to product choice, probably without even being consciously aware of it. I for one find myself using a screen cleaner each day before commencing my working day at the office. It’s a sobering fact that most office workers spend at least 35 hours a week working at a PC monitor alone, not to mention our smartphones.  Why not keep the screen clean and avoid eye strain?

So that’s me, I’m a fully-fledged screen cleaning, pump-spray spritzer. Now it’s over to you, what do you find yourself reaching for first; a pump spray, sprayduster, cleaning wipe or a foaming spray? We have some interesting facts below revealing some interesting cleaning preferences are and how they can work for you.

We all like instant results, especially as we find our days getting busier, so for all of those occasions that we encounter sticking keys, (we agree it’s very irritating!) we have the no-compromise blasters. These industrial strength aerosols are commonly known as spraydusters. I’m sure that you are familiar with a sprayduster - no shaking or tipping your keyboard; simply blast out debris of last months’ club sandwich. Probably the most satisfying part of the whole process occurs when the bits of old food, hair and debris are blasted from between your keys.

Top Tip: Spray your keyboard over a white piece of paper for some really shocking results!

Here at AF International, our research revealed that 7 out of 10 people would select a cleaning blaster (sprayduster) as their product of choice, the most popular item being the Sprayduster Zero as the favourite product for this category. This ground-breaking product can be used at all angles, has zero odour, is HFC free and non-flammable.

The second most popular method of cleaning has been claimed by the group of cleaners that call themselves ‘spritzers’. When we say spritzers this opens a world of opportunities. Screen cleaners, surface cleaners and whiteboard cleaners are all part of this collection but topping the poll was the AF Multi-Screen Clene. A quick spritz of this product onto a microfiber cloth guarantees a sparkling finish with sticky fingerprints just a thing of the past. Don’t just take our word for it though (we are a little biased), try it for yourself. The AF range of Multi-Screen Clene contain a 200ml pump spray and free microfiber cloth to really buff up your screen. It is no surprise that so many individuals choose to spritz as it is such a versatile method of cleaning.  It is ideal for monitors, TVS, Tablets, In-car entertainment and of course our smartphones.

Top Tip: AF do not recommend that you spray directly onto screens. Remember, always spritz onto the cloth, not the screen. 

Did you know 2 out of 3 office workers eat at their desk? That’s a lot of greasy fingerprints, crumbs and even spillages that can build up for each hour spent at our desks. For many of us, convenience is key and a cleaning solution for complete convenience has to be a cleaning wipe. This brings us onto our next category of cleaners - the swipers. Yes, you guessed it, swipers love those cute sachets of cleaning wipes or re-sealable tubs to position within easy reach for those quick clean ups. A common area of cleaning for the swiper is plastic casing equipment including mice, telephones and surfaces. AF PC cleaning wipes definitely tick the box for the swipers with 6 out of 10 people choosing these as their favourite cleaning wipe. The re-sealable tub of impregnated cleaning wipes banish grease and grime from plastic casings to quickly clean up desk space, not just after lunch.

Of course the swipers are not limited to surface cleaning. AF Tech wipes spruce up touch screen tech in a flash. Research has found that we touch our smartphones up to 3000 times per day. You can rely on AF; tackling fingerprint smears with Tech wipes takes literally a few seconds.

The fourth and final category of cleaners in the running are known as sprayers. The sprayer also loves surface cleaning and in particular, any kind of foam cleaner. Whichever surface cleaning requirement you have, AF’s range of cleaners certainly pack a powerful punch. AF Foamclene scored top marks on the surface cleaning stakes with 8 out of 10 people choosing this as a go-to surface cleaning spray. The powerful foam effectively lifts away sticky residues, grease and grime from surfaces and its sister product Maxiclene can even work wonders on carpet spots.

As we enter 2019 ask yourself are you a spritzer, sprayer, swiper or a blaster. We want to hear from you! Contact us at with your favourite AF product and why and we will send you a surprise AF treat to help you with your cleaning regime. 

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