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The AF Anti-bac+ Office Survival Checklist

Posted on 04 March 2019 by AF Web

The AF Anti-bac+ Office Survival Checklist

I want to talk germs with you; not just any germs but the real nitty gritty - bacteria and viruses. It’s impossible to tell where these beasties may be lurking. Let me hazard a guess as to your current state; you are probably reading this on your smartphone or maybe at your desk? Well brace yourself as I’m about to give you a thorough insight into just how much bacteria is breeding around you and an invaluable checklist of how to avoid it. Be warned, if you’re eating whilst reading this you may want to take a little break…..

1. Your morning coffee (or tea) at the very start of the working day is a must, but how many different elements do you come into contact with before you get back to your desk? An obvious one is the door handle but that’s not a problem is it? Well think again; that innocent looking door handle may be a breeding ground for germs as shockingly many workers do not wash their hands after using the toilet. Gross isn’t it? It isn’t just the activity of hand washing that you need to worry about though as washing your hands doesn’t necessarily kill the bacteria. Yes, your hands may appear to be clean but to be hygienically clean a sanitizing hand treatment should be used. AF’s new sanitizing hand rub is 99.999% effective against bacteria and viruses tested in just 2 minutes. There is really no excuse for poor hand hygiene as the 500ml pump spray bottle is a handy size for communal use and can be left in kitchens and office workspace to prompt all colleagues to beat the bacteria.

2. I hope that I haven’t ruined your appetite just yet as I would like to move on to what is probably your most loved piece of tech. Yes, you’ve guessed correctly, your smartphone. A recent study found that a smartphone screen, lock button, home button and back button were more germ ridden than a toilet seat. Furthermore a third of people have never cleaned their phone with a wipe or solution. Can you believe that?  If you are one of the culprits don’t worry now is the perfect time to change. All you need is a pack of AF Sanitizing Tech Wipes. They are a personal favourite for me as they are so portable nestling easily inside your bag, on your travels at home or in the office. This re-sealable pack of 25 wipes packs a powerful punch on the germ front. In just 30 seconds flat these wipes remove up to 99.999% of bacteria including HIV, Ebola, all forms of Influenza, Rubella, Measles, Rabies and more.  Yes that’s correct; all of these viruses and bacteria could quite possibly be hiding on the surface of your smartphone happily undetected as they are invisible to the naked eye.   Scary stuff, right?

The anti-bac Office Survival Checklist

3. Now we move onto the place where you spend most of your working day, your desk space. Sorry to say this but your desk is a breeding ground for bacteria with office workers hands coming into contact with a shocking 10million bacteria each day. You might wonder how that can possibly be if you are the only person using it? During the course of the day you pick up bacteria around the office which is transferred onto the likes of your keyboard (along with some skin debris, eyelashes and food remnants), your phone and not forgetting your mouse. The real problem however, lies with the germs and bacteria that we cannot see. A trusty sanitizing surface cleaner can help combat this hidden bacteria. AF’s tub of Anti-bac+ 50 sanitizing wipes are a tub of generous sized wet wipes, working their magic after just 30 seconds of use so you can be confident that your keyboard, phone, mouse and of course your desk surface is free from bacteria and viruses. After all, who wants to be sharing their desk with those bacteria bugs 40 hours a week? Not me, thank you very much!

4. The 4th and final part of the sanitizing checklist lies with your trusty screen. We know it can be easy to forget to give this a clean, although we sit looking at it for up to 8 hours a day but it certainly isn’t something to forget about. First and foremost, dust can cause eye strain when left on your screen but what does dust actually consist of? Well it probably isn’t something that would normally ask yourself but dust (that is probably on the screen that you’re reading this blog on) is predominantly composed of dead skin and not just your own.

Like many of the AF Anti-bac+ products the tub of 60 screen wipes are fully effective after just 30 seconds of use, killing up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses including HIV, Ebola, Influenza, Rubella, Measles, Rabies and E coli (plus many more) leaving your screen not just clean and shiny, but hygienically clean.  

Believe me, I’m not trying to fuel your fear by sharing these rather unpleasant home truths but I do feel the need to emphasise that just because you cannot see the germs, it doesn’t mean that they are not there. Here at AF we are determined to fight back against bacteria. I’m confident that after reading this blog you will agree that you can win the fight against germs in your office too and actually quite easily. Did I already mention that AF Anti-bac+ are effective after just 30 seconds of cleaning? Even if you are super-pressed for time you can always find 30 seconds to be hygienically clean.