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Germs Beware! – There Are No Safe Havens from Anti-Bac+

Posted on 28 March 2019 by AF Web
Category: Education

Germs, bacteria and viruses are invisible to the naked eye but this certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Each and every day you are voluntarily walking into a potential infestation as work environments are breeding grounds for germs……yes, really. Some contact with germs is absolutely inevitable and in fact, without certain ‘healthy’ bacteria, our bodies couldn’t function; what most people however, fail to realise is the sheer volume of germs that lurk in the workplace.  You may perceive your office as clean; floors swept, desks wiped down, bathrooms and kitchens cleaned but germs often hide in unexpected places throughout the office. It’s a common fact the average workplace desk can be 100x less hygienic than your kitchen table, and 400x filthier than the average toilet seat! This basically means that the bathroom would be a safer, less infectious place to eat your lunch than your own desk.  I’ll leave you with that little morsel for thought….. 

Here at AF International, we are determined to battle these bugs and have launched an antibacterial range designed to sanitize and rid your hands, surfaces and screens from these unfriendly ‘pets’. A quick wash of the hands, or swipe across a surface just is not enough to tackle these invisible beasties. The majority of individuals take time out of their busy schedules to ensure that their homes are clean and tidy – looking in tip-top condition; why should the workplace be any different? After all, many of us spend more time at work rather than home, doesn’t it make sense for the environment to be as healthy as possible?

AF have decided that it’s time to spread the word, rather than the germs as workplace illness is one of the main causes of inefficiency and falling behind with workload. Work-related illness counts for over 28 million days lost each and every year in Great Britain alone, so here’s one for all you managers out there. Why not start a healthy regime and introduce a weekly desk detox for your staff?  Just take the common cold, it spreads like wildfire. It usually kicks off with one member of staff with the ‘sniffles’ and before you know it, half of the workforce are suffering and affecting productivity. The rationale here is simple; less sickness equals less absence meaning that more work can be completed.  

There Are No Safe Havens from Anti-Bac

You may think that you are safe from these little critters whilst enjoying your lunch break; actually you could not be more wrong. What about the fridge, the microwave handle, the kettle or vending machines?  Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security if using vending machines to grab a quick snack or drink whilst on the go; who knows, there maybe a little ‘plus’ with that. Did you know that the buttons and dispensing tray of the average vending machine harbour more germs per square inch than a public minibus? Do you often pop out for a quick bite to eat, homing in on a convenient fast food chain? A word to the wise, think twice before using one of the ultra-convenient large touchscreen ordering systems. In a recent press report, one of the largest and most popular fast-food brands had allowed their touchscreen ordering system to be swabbed for germs; each and every one of them tested contained traces of human faeces……..On balance, I think that I will be ordering from the human behind the cash till in future, especially if they have been armed with the AF Anti-bac+ range.

All of this information is not meant to scare you; well, not too much. Rather more to stress the importance of a clean and tidy work space. The development team at AF International really have thought of everything with their new Anti-bac+ range. Surfaces, screens, items of technology and even your hands are catered for. The range also has an in-built ‘PLUS’ factor advantage as the contact time for effectiveness is a minimum of just 30 seconds. Can any of us truly say that we don’t have a spare 30 seconds? Allow me to elaborate further on the 30 second contact time; the range consists of four key products, three of which are fully effective after just 30 seconds contact time, ridding your tech, screens and surfaces of bacteria and viruses tested. AF’s Anti-bac+ can demonstrate many plusses, not least the shortest contact time for antibacterial products across the market. So my question to you is, where would you like to start with these hidden gems, sorry, I mean germs? 

Look out for Anti-bac+. Coming soon from AF International.  

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