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AF’s Guide To Spring Cleaning – The Do’s and Don’ts

Posted on 18 April 2019 by AF Web

As we head into spring, many of us have the urge to fling open windows, breathe in the fresh air and listen to the birds singing (until the twittering gets too much of a distraction of course). The other huge bonus for me are the lighter mornings and the opportunity to wave goodbye to those gloomy winter blues; I often have a sudden urge to spruce up.  My annual wardrobe overhaul is a firm tradition at this time, a real “out with the old and in with the new”, but for today’s blog I will be sharing the details of my workspace spring cleaning regime. After all, we spend a lot of time at work, don’t we?

Ok, so first things first…..

De-clutter to the max

Are you a hoarder like me? If so, you probably have old Christmas cards stashed away that could be recycled immediately. Do you retain old paperwork as a type of comfort blanket - even with the knowledge that you also have digital copies?   Yes, I thought so! Take my advice, do not stop, do not pass go or collect £200.00 (a la Monopoly), go straight to the recycling bin and dispose of the excess paper.  

I’m guessing that you are hoarding some leftover sweets and chocolates that can be shared in the communal treat tin rather than cluttering up your drawers. Come on now, be brave, you really don’t need those sweets, after all summer is just around the corner. Now that you have cleared your work space of clutter, a large blank canvas of cleaning opportunity has presented itself. My personal go-to solution has to be a foam cleaner such as Foamclene as it literally lifts out the ingrained dirt from surfaces. My drawers are now clean and fresh, ready for neat re-stocking and my day to day supplies. 

QWERTY cleaning covered

Guide To Spring Cleaning – The Do’s and Don’ts QWERTY keyboard cleaning

Did you know that every time you press a keyboard space bar 600,000 people are doing the very same thing? The keyboard is one of the most used piece of office equipment and a real hotbed of crumbs, skin, hair and much more. Before I became a compulsive keyboard cleaner, a real bugbear of mine would be to spot a wedged crumb in-between the keys. I had to find a solution; enter stage left the AF range of spraydusters – wow, what a revelation! Spraydusters are supplied with extension straws that allow you to reach into some tight spaces and simply blast away the grime. Watch out for those flying crumbs though! For those really hard to reach areas I prefer the invertible option so that it can be used upside down.

An end to ‘swiping’ on your trouser leg

Confession time; before I discovered this fabulous screen cleaner I was guilty of swishing my smartphone and even my glasses on my jeans or cardigan and hoping to clean away fingerprints and grease. That said, it was never very effective and was certainly not a quick fix.

I tried an AF Smartwipe and have never looked back. Its soft, strong texture has everything you need to clean your touch screen tech. I love the little wipes so much that I carry them in my handbag for glasses cleaning too. Pssst - I’ll let you into a little secret, I also have the Smartcloths for cleaning my TV at home.

Ring, ring, it’s ‘phone cleaning time

So your desk space is looking pretty bare now but this doesn’t mean it’s clean. ‘Phones are a breeding ground for germs as they come into contact with hands. It is thought that the average office workers hands come into contact with up to 10 million bacteria every single day. My trusty cleaning supplies provider AF International have recently launched an Anti-bacterial range fighting all sorts of viruses including Ebola and Influenza for me to try out. I road tested their tub of surface cleaning wipes; one word, incredible. Firstly the tub is re sealable so they’re great for sharing, they are moist to remove the stubborn grime and they are proven to kill bacteria after just 30 seconds of use.

Screen cleaning survival

Your screen, no matter what the size deserves some TLC. I didn’t realise until I started my cleaning regime just how much dust develops. No wonder I used to get so many headaches from straining my eyes.

I started screen cleaning around a year ago and cannot believe the difference. Each week I spritz my multi-screen cleaner onto the large microfiber cloth and swipe over the screen and the dust vanishes, (well you can see it on the cloth but I love to see the results).

So there you have it, that’s my four tips for a good spring clean and how to do it the AF way. Now did someone say shopping as I have a new spring clean wardrobe to update?

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