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Top 5 Annoying Office Habits – Please Don’t Take Offence If This Sounds Familiar….

Posted on 17 June 2019 by AF Web

We’ve all been there; those days where the slightest thing can really, really get to you. As many of us work in an office environment for 8 hours each day, surrounded by the same colleagues for the majority of time, those morning whistles (amongst other musical renditions) can become really bothersome. For this month’s blog we have focussed on the top 5 AF Annoying Office Habits and the best solutions to live in a harmonious office without irritation. Read on to see how many you can spot.

The Performer

I love a good sing-song as much as the next person (you should see some of my karaoke performances!), but let’s face it, some tunes are best kept for the car journey. As I sit typing I can hear the sound of whistling, then tapping. I type a bit louder to try and drown this out and in the end resort to my headphones. Did you know that employees that listen to music as they work can regain concentration within 15 minutes? Tuning out the noise around you is a great technique to adopt and before I know it, I have completed that huge, time-consuming spreadsheet.  One trick I can share with you as a guaranteed switch off at the end of a busy day is to adopt a quick cleaning regime for my much-loved earphones. I won’t go into too much detail as you may be eating, but I’m sure that you can imagine those little ear buds are susceptible to a lot of grime. AF Headset Clene are available in a box of 50 individual sachets and quickly refresh in-ear headphones and headsets for daily use.  

the tea dodger in the office

The Tea Round Dodger

There is always one, and I have to admit, it is sometimes me. The tea round dodger is always frowned upon and can never be located when the kettle is boiling. Some people just take, take, take and conveniently dodge their turn. Research has shown that a whopping 1 in 7 workers just can’t be bothered to make tea. Are you guilty?

It’s time for change and let’s be honest, a quick break from the screen can really help re-focus efforts on a busy day. Why not take 5 minutes out to make the tea or coffee round and whilst you are waiting, see how quickly you can clean your smartphone? AF Smartwipes give an instant sparkly finish to your tech and furthermore they can be washed and reused; an ideal eco– friendly solution.  

The Space Invader

Desk space can often be quite limited so ensuring that you have sufficient space is essential. Do you have a space invader nearby? Most of us can easily spot this beast. You know the one; it starts with their stapler suddenly creeping into your workspace and the next thing you know, your tidy area of desk has a pile of paperwork, some random stationery and someone else’s supply of snacks.  As a victim of a space invader, I quickly promoted myself as the office well-being warrior. This may sound extreme but as the saying goes, a tidy desk is a tidy mind.  A clutter free workspace is critical for me and I spread the word by sharing my AF Essential Cleaning Kit. This cute kit contains everything to clean your surfaces, desk phone and screen all in one easy to use kit. This essentials kit also had the power to make my space invader vanish and I have regained my space.  

The Chatterbox

This is surely one that we can all identify with? The lesser-spotted chatterbox can come in many different guises. Here are two of the worst offenders:  

1) The over sharer. You know, the one that delves far too deeply into their personal life, merrily distracting you as you try to hit a deadline. Have you ever found yourself smiling and nodding at the cringe-worthy tale as you type?

2) The hands-free ‘phone addict. It’s difficult to hold a desk ‘phone and type at the same time, we all know this and dislike the resultant crick in the neck, but does this warrant continuous hands free speaker calls? I think not.

However you choose to use a ‘phone, cleaning is an essential element. For hand held devices, make-up and grime can really build up along with general fingerprints and dirt on the keypads.  My go-to product of choice for tackling this area is a re-sealable tub of AF PhoneClene wipes. I can easily share these with colleagues and they are fast and effective thanks to their impregnated cleaning solution.    

The Keyboard “Cleaner”

When it comes to keyboard cleaning I am a firm believer that technique is everything and frankly, lifting up the keyboard and bashing it on the desk to expel crumbs is not the correct approach. I hear these tell-tale sounds most Friday afternoons as colleagues attempt to empty out a full weeks’ worth of sandwich meal deals. I sometimes find myself wanting to shout from the rooftops “Have you not heard of an AF Sprayduster?”,  because honestly that is all you need. A few short sharp blasts into the keyboard target the most difficult of areas to reach and leave your keyboard crumbs, hair and dust free!

There you have it, that’s our AF Top 5 Annoying Office Habits. I hope that this rundown helps you manage your office annoyances for now as I’m sure you agree, there are many more to be discussed but let’s leave it here shall we?

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