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How To Beat The Monday Blues Following A Holiday

Posted on 30 August 2019 by AF Web
Category: Fun

I’m sure we can identify with that “Sunday night feeling”; you know, the sinking feeling that signals the end of the weekend and the start of a new working week. This is so much worse following a lovely two-week holiday in sunny climes and the Monday blues can be hard to beat.  

To make this transition a little less daunting we have crafted some simple tips to follow to get you back into work-mode and face those Monday blues.

1. Preparation - Your first day back may be overwhelming so try to get a good nights’ sleep. Allow plenty of time for your journey and enjoy a healthy breakfast - (after over indulging on the all-inclusive options).  

2. Email overload - - The average worker spends roughly 13 hours a week on emails so after a two week break your inbox may appear endless, but don’t worry there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Prioritising is key. Whilst on the subject of keys, you may take a moment to check the state of your keyboard and blast away those crumbs and dust particles. A few short sharp blasts with an AF Sprayduster makes short work of this task.

Top Tip: Use a sheet of white paper underneath the keyboard whilst cleaning; you will be amazed at the food particles, eyelashes and general grime that is trapped.

3. Take a break - You are quite likely to be feeling a little sluggish and it is therefore really important to take regular short breaks from your screen. Studies have found that taking regular breaks can increase productivity and creativity. If you opt for a caffeine boost, why not use the time wisely and choose an element of your workstation to clean up quickly whilst the kettle boils.

4. Get organised - Taking the time to create a to-do list can really help set goals and ease the pressure of what seems an unmanageable workload.  If you have stacks of unnecessary paperwork, clear this away into the recycling. A tidy desk equals a tidy mind.   

5.  Stay calm - After two weeks of taking things at your own pace, the deadline delirium can soon set back in and your holiday seems to become a distant memory. Taking time out for you ensures that you are working to the best of your ability. Switching tasks that are becoming troublesome does not always count as procrastination. Changing focus can actually work in your favour as when you return to the task you have a clearer mind and fresh approach. 

6. Stay Well - Did you know that 60% of workplace illness is contracted from contaminated office equipment? I’m sure you agree the last thing you want is the norovirus straight away after a relaxing break. My advice is use an AF Anti-bac+ Sanitizing surface wipe to hygienically clean your mouse and desk surface. It kills up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses and only takes 30 seconds to work.

Remember you’re not alone; the back to work blues affects us all to some extent, it’s how you manage it that counts. Here at AF International we believe that a regular cleaning regime positively improves wellbeing. The comprehensive range of screen, keyboard, desk, phone and tech cleaning products don’t impact on your day as cleaning is fast and effective.

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