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A Day In The Life Of………. A Screen Cleaning Addict

Posted on 30 September 2019 by AF Web

Let’s be honest; most of us are culprits of screen addiction to some extent and even if you prefer not to admit it, there is no escape from ‘screen life’. Research has shown that we are spending more and more time looking at screens; I’m not just referring to smartphone swiping, gaming and video calling,  but also office working, self-service checkouts and TV time at the end of the day.  

A staggering 65% of under 35 year olds check their ‘phones within 5 minutes of waking up. I have to admit each day I find myself checking social media right after my alarm goes off and pretty much use the habit as a wake up mechanism. Yes, it really does work.

I have however, recently felt growing pressure to join in with the digital detox trend, but really baulk at the idea. You are seriously asking me to live without my ‘phone - really? Not forgetting hand held banking, news channel, GPS and route to social media channels, to name but a few. Just to be clear, that’s a great big ‘no thanks’ from me! My take on a digital detox has a different approach and takes the form of screen cleaning.   

For this month’s blog I am going to take you through a day in the life of a screen cleaning addict; yes, that’s me - my name is Emma and I am addicted to my screen.


The dreaded alarm strikes; not only is it ringing through my smartphone, but my fitness watch is vibrating too. That’s two screens to check before I even leave the warmth of the duvet. I have time for a quick scan through social media, but seriously, what could have possibly happened between 10pm and 6am?


It’s a run day; my target is 5K in the bag before 7am and before I set off, I ensure that my fitness watch is set, my headphones are in and my phone is set up for GPS tracking. Quick confession, just between us – this is predominantly to show off my route accomplishment on social media. Following my run, part of my cool down routine involves cleaning off the sweaty film of bacteria on my fitness watch. For this, oh so important task, I use a trusty tub of Anti-bac+ Surface Wipes by AF. They work in super quick time, just 30 seconds to bacteria and virus free status.  


As I prepare to head off for my daily commute I listen to my favourite daily breakfast radio station. The sun is shining and I can really see the irritating fingerprint smears on the touch screen for the radio.  I just know that this will irritate me if I don’t deal with it quickly. Luckily I have a flatpack of AF Tech Wipes in my glovebox to quickly wipe away the grease lingering from my last drive-through take away, oops.

screen addicts


My working day has started and one of my initial actions is to clean my glasses. After all, these need to be crisp and clear so that I can use my PC monitor effectively throughout the day. My go-to glasses cleaner has to be Smart Wipes. I keep the box of 10 sachets in my desk drawer, always within easy reach to clean fingerprints from my glasses. As they are soft and dry (these wipes do not require a liquid cleaning solution), they are perfectly safe for even the most delicate of surfaces; or in my case, my exorbitantly expensive designer specs.


As the clock strikes 11am it is my turn for the tea round. Some of my colleagues would label me as a bit of a tea round dodger but I prove them wrong on this occasion. Whilst I wait for the kettle to boil I prepare my desk ready for lunching ‘el desko’. To explain further, this involves blasting away yesterday’s sandwich crumbs from my keyboard with a sprayduster.  It is important to take this time away from the screen as research has found an average adult views a screen for 9 hours a day, which in turn can lead to eye strain. Taking short breaks away will certainly help, along with a keeping screens clean.

the tea dodger in the office


For today’s lunch I have some relaxation time and catch up on the latest best-seller on my e-reader. I may come across as a cleaning addict, (although I’m not ashamed to admit it), but I do clean my e-reader daily. I would hate nothing more than eye strain caused by a grimy screen to having a lasting impact upon my vision. Once again, my go-to resource has to be Smart Wipes; they are the perfect size for cleaning my little e-reader. As an added bonus, these super strong wipes are washable, meaning that I can using them over and over again.  


Lunch break over, it’s time to head back to work and work on some photographic projects. An invaluable quick hack that I would love to share with you relates to the AF easy clene cloth. I always keep a cloth in the camera bag to ensure that I can clean the digital lens prior to the shoot. This ensures crisp imagery and the removal of any dust particles. Have you ever experienced the phenomenon of dust on images that you are trying to edit on your PC? I certainly have and spent a lot of time playing with software only to discover that the dust was actually present on my PC screen rather than the image. Once bitten, twice shy etc. and I have definitely learnt from this error. A handy tub of Screen Clene wipes ensures that my monitor stays in tip top condition. 


It’s finally time for some me-time and I sit back and switch on the TV, but my smartphone is always close by. Did you know that 77% of people watching TV are also on another device at the same? I plead guilty as charged. I cannot resist scrolling through social media (yes, again) whilst catching up on my favourite TV show.

Cleaning doesn’t stop when I get home. My beloved TV takes centre stage in the lounge and at 65 inches it requires its fair share of screen cleaning. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for a moment saying that I run around cleaning my TV each evening – a quick twice-weekly refresh does the job. My preferred cleaning cloth for my TV screen is always an AF Smart Cloth. As per the smaller Smart Wipes, these cloths are washable (at just 30o), and are designed to be used without additional cleaning fluids - perfect! These super soft cloth transforms the screen to remove the build of dust, (which mainly consists of skin, I might add), ugh!

I have one last job to do for the day and it is to order my online grocery shop. For this task, I usually reach for my tablet as it is easier to navigate on a larger screen. I have to say, I am always conscious of the amount of germs on my tablet, especially because I often use it for online recipes in the kitchen. AF Anti-bac+ Sanitizing Screen Wipes are ideal. I keep these in the drawer of my TV unit to hygienically clean my touch screen devices. They work in 30 seconds flat and are proven to destroy up to 99.999% of nasty bacteria and viruses such as E-coli, Influenza, HIV and lots more.  

So there we have it, a day in the life of a screen (cleaning) addict. I spend the rest of the evening scrolling back through my smartphone and manage to rack up an average of 3 hours smartphone screen time per day. I have clearly embraced the digital age, have you?    

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