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The Anti-bac+ Army Wages War on ‘Flu Season

Posted on 23 October 2019 by AF Web

It starts with a sniffle and an annoying tickly cough and before you know it, the aches, pains, headache and fever arrive too. We think you will agree that no one chooses to catch the ‘flu and this months’ blog from AF is dedicated to preventing the spread of this winter nasty throughout your home and office. 

The annual ‘flu season is all too familiar in many work environments and prevention is key. Did you know that approximately 60% of workplace illness is contracted from contaminated office equipment? This scarily high percentage can easily be reduced though by the introduction of the correct hygiene and cleaning regime. Often we forget that these invisible bacteria bugs really can be everywhere. Just think about all the communal door handles, keyboards, work desks and remote controls and so much more……

The infographic below shows the shocking truth of how much bacteria is surrounding us in our day to day work and home life and even on our travels. Without the right sanitizing regime these bacteria and viruses can multiply at rapid speed. Read on to see how to protect yourself from these all too common nasties.

flu season


Your primary armour in the fight against germs is Anti-bac+, the revolutionary new sanitizing range that really does have it all. Imagine an army of bacteria and virus fighters, poised to destroy 99.9999% of Influenza, E.coli, HIV, Rabies and so much more. 

Now that we have your attention, where do we start on the clean regime? The most logical place has to be with one of our most loved devices, your smartphone.  Did you know that after just one use, a smartphone containing a living virus on the screen will have transferred around 30% of that virus to your fingertips? So here’s the killer question: Do you wash your hands after each use of a smartphone? No, I didn’t think so, nor do I; let’s face it, we all need an effective anti-bacterial screen cleaner. Something that is gentle on the delicate screen but powerful enough to kill the nasties lurking on the surface.  AF’s re-sealable tub contains 60 wipes that activates in just 30 seconds of use, destroying 99.9999% harmful bacteria and viruses. We think you’ll agree that this qualifies as a rapid response time. Obviously we’re fully aware how much time we spend scrolling away on our smartphones so maybe we need to be looking at the areas that are not so obvious as we go about our busy lives.


bacteria travelling


As you travel – Airport check–in desks harbour more germs than the airport bathroom – who knew?  Now we pause to think about it though, you see plenty of passengers touching the screen, but how often as these screens sanitized? It doesn’t just stop there though - your flight often carries some invisible passengers in the shape of germs on the tray tables and even seat belt buckles.

As you shop – Self serve checkouts are on the increase resulting in increased communal usage and an increased risk of bacteria lurking. As you scan your shop and search the touch screen for your fresh fruit items, you could easily be picking up the ‘flu virus from the previous customer.

As you fill up your fuel - Whether you pay at the pump or use the in store check-out you are going to come into contact with some degree of bacteria and viruses. The touch screen asking “Would you like to pay on card or in store” should probably say “How much bacteria is lurking on this touchpad?” All this is before you have even entered your pin into the grimy keypad.   

As you drive to work - Your car is home to a substantial amount of bacteria. Think about all of the surfaces you have come into contact with during the day. All of the germs you have touched are all spreading to the surfaces you continue to touch such as the steering wheel (which probably also contains greasy food residue from the drive-thru fast food outlet you visited yesterday!).

We’re not trying to spread the fear, rather more the word that there is a defence against the myriad of bacteria that are lurking on everyday surfaces. The Anti-bac+ army really is your go-to solution. We have mentioned the Sanitizing Screen Wipes and should take time to mention the Sanitizing Surface Wipes. This re-sealable tub contains 50 extra thick, durable wipes to tackle the most stubborn residue from all surfaces. You can rest assured that these trusty wipes will kill up to 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses from your surface. Furthermore, you only need to clean for 30 seconds for the anti-bacterial properties to take effect.  Starting the Anti-bac+ sanitizing regime is a no brainer. If you would like to prevent the ‘flu viruses and other nasty bacteria spreading, a hygienic cleaning regime is your answer.  

So beware when you see people on guard leaping away from the office sneezes, remember that 80% of infections are actually spread via contaminated surface areas, rather than that person with the annoying tickly cough! You may want to pass them a sanitizing hand rub to be on the safe side though…

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