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10 Alternative Uses for a Sprayduster (that you probably hadn’t even thought of….)

Posted on 29 January 2020 by AF Web

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we wanted to share the love of our one of AF’s iconic product ranges with you - the spraydusters. Traditionally we love to use the sprayduster range for blowing dust from hard to reach areas such as printers, keyboards and delicate electronic equipment.  Our challenge is to banish the myth that spraydusters are just handy for quick keyboard clean ups. Let’s face it, we all love to blast out biscuits crumbs etc. from our keyboards (it’s just so satisfying!), but there are many other cleaning opportunities and hacks that we would love to share with you enabling a quick and effective clean up.

Whether you choose an invertible (can be used at any angle, even upside down), high power version or eco-friendly there are lots of cleaning opportunities that you have probably never even considered. With this in mind we have crafted our top ten alternative uses for a sprayduster; some even surprised us!

Read on to discover some weird and wonderful ways that you can clean up with an AF sprayduster.

1. Gaming Consoles

An accumulation of dust can lead to overheating and literally spell disaster to gaming consoles. Avid gamers here at AF make sure they regularly check the ventilation areas at the back of their gaming devices. You would be surprised at how quickly at how quickly dust builds with regular use.

Tip: AF’s Sprayduster ZERO SDZ420D is a great option for this type of equipment. It is the ultimate all-rounder; use it at any angle, switch between 3 power settings and ‘do your bit’ for the environment. 

2. In-Car Ventilation Grills

Sometimes you need something with a bit more oomph than a cloth or a wipe. A sprayduster can easily blow away built up dust from vents enabling you complete the cleaning process with an AF cloth.

Tip: AF recommends an upright sprayduster such as SDU400 or SDU100 for in car ventilation grills.

3. Ear Phones

A prime example of a hard to reach area of a typical tech product has to be ear pods or buds. The charging unit ports plus over-ear headphone inner units can all provide a haven for grime, dust and even the dreaded ear residue.

Tip: AF recommends an invertible sprayduster such as SPDI200 as you can utilise at any angle. The extension straw is particularly useful in these cases as it can target specific areas.

4. Light Shades

It goes without saying that ceiling, wall lights and lamps collect a lot of dust over time. If you rarely clean out lights with a feather duster (or similar) you will probably be in for quite a shock at the build-up of dust and detritus. The quickest solution is to arm yourself with an AF sprayduster and blast those ceiling pendants with short sharp bursts. The dust literally flies out with a Superduster, SPDI200

Tip: AF suggests an invertible if you cannot remove the pendant as you can reach at multiple angles. The super strength power really takes effect, just remember that you may need to hoover up afterwards.

5. Sewing Machine

Spraydusters are perfect for the hobbyist and sewing machines can easily accumulate excess fluff and lint.

Tip: Any AF sprayduster is suitable for blowing excess lint, fluff, cotton and even dust from the tricky hard to reach areas plus as the standard needle plate.

6. Ornaments

Just like other home cleaners such as bleach, spraydusters can also be a kitchen cupboard staple. They offer a quick and effective way of cleaning around delicate ornaments. After all, who really has the time, let alone the inclination to completely clear shelves every time they need to dust. The power of AF spraydusters enables you to target unwanted dust quickly and effectively.

Tip: Check out AF’s full range of spraydusters to find the best solution for you cleaning requirement.  

7. Workshop

Joiners, builders and carpenters are all too familiar with dust and there are endless ways in which spraydusters can help; we have therefore tried to share an innovative tip for this section. Have you ever used a sealant for a household chore only to discover that you have trapped dust and debris  beneath the seal? Eliminate the problem by blasting the dust away before using a sealant.

Tip: As an extra precaution AF suggest using an Isoclene (ISW100) wipe too wipe away the debris after blasting.  

8. Radiator

Sometimes whizzing around with a vacuum cleaner simply is not sufficient and areas of rooms are  easily overlooked. When did you last manage to clean around and behind radiators? Quickly blasting dust from around the radiator vents with a sprayduster before hoovering up can help the heat to flow and pass through the vents without dust blockages.  

9. Jewellery

This area definitely benefits from an extension straw. Dust can accumulate in delicate jewellery or even costume jewellery. For example, high set rings often have open space that harbours dust.


Tip: A small but powerful Sprayduster such as SDU100 can target this in an instant.

10. Hair Salon

One of the quirkiest of uses for a sprayduster has to be within the hairdressing industry. Hairdryers and razors can collect dust and hair and have the potential to effect the longevity of the equipment.  To keep costs down and make sure all staff have access to a sprayduster we would recommend a UtilityAFsprayduster. This is AF’s back to basics range with a budget price tag and includes flammable spraydusters**. Remember, always ensure that equipment is always powered down before use.  

So, by now we are pretty confident that you will agree that the Sprayduster range is definitely not limited to keyboards, or even the office. Which will you be trying first?

Remember: Always check your manufacturers guide before using a Sprayduster on your equipment. Although all AF Spraydusters are non-flammable* we advise to ensure equipment is always powered down before use.

*SDU250D contains HFC 152A

**Utility range is flammable 

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