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How to Speed up your Spring Cleaning with Deep Clean Results

Posted on 25 March 2020 by AF Web

Those hedonistic Spring and Summer months herald the changes of many things; longer days, more sunshine, greener surroundings and flourishing flowers. It also brings with it the natural urge for a clean freshen up around the workspace and home . The big question is do you have time for a deep clean as if not, this can ultimately prove to be an added pressure.

For this month's blog we will be sharing our cleaning tips and benefits that are proven to save you time but more importantly give you the spring cleaning results that you desire, not just mental wellbeing but physical too!

Step 1 – Declutter your zone

Studies have shown that cluttered homes and workspace can lead to feelings of stress, depression and fatigue. Here at AF, we are firm believers in the notion that a clean space equals a clean mind. Investing time in tidying clutter away helps with productivity in the long term.

Tip #1: Organise your inbox.

Tip #2: Only print what you need. Not only does it benefit the environment, it means you are not surrounded by unnecessary papers in your work environment.

Tip #3: Remember to clear away your “el-desko” lunch. Think de-clutter and hygiene at all times.

Step 2 – Stressed? Set an achievable and measurable goal

If we are honest, work can be stressful, but did you know that the act of cleaning can act as a stress relief button? Taking just 5 minutes out every day, perhaps whilst waiting for the kettle to boil could allow you much needed cleaning time. Why not start with these achievable goals?

Goal #1 Swipe away dirt from touch screens with a fast and effective Tech Wipe

Goal #2 Clean your headset with Headset Clene recyclable wipes.

Goal #3 Take this approach home too; use an AF anti-static spray for your coffee table and prevent future dust build up.

Step 3 – Procrastinate is a ‘dirty word’

Spring cleaning reminds us of all those jobs that we have been putting off. There really is no need to feel overwhelmed as the AF cleaning solutions offer quick clean-ups. One common clean-up frequently mentioned is the ‘forgotten’ cup stain on desk surfaces. You know the one, it annoys you but you still manage to forget all about it. For stubborn surface stains a foam cleaner is most effective. The AF Maxiclene formulation lifts dirt quickly leaving a clean finish.

Tip: Did you know that Maxiclene is also used for spot removal on carpets? We recommend to always test the area first.

Before we head onto step 4 we mustn’t forget that the age old accidental ink problem. Have you ever used the wrong ink on a whiteboard or have Tupperware that could be reused with permanent ink stains? Don’t worry, it isn’t something that you have to live with as there is a rescue solution. AF Permanent Ink Remover dissolves ink stains from a variety of surfaces to leave a clean finish.

Step 4 – Hot Desking Help

As hot-desking becomes the modern way of working, the demand for cleaning your workspace becomes increasingly important. Did you know that roughly 60% of workplace illness is contracted from contaminated equipment?

Luckily AF Anti-bac+ surface and screen wipes sanitise with only 30 seconds of use, covering all key areas of your working equipment such as keyboards, desk, mouse, telephone, screens and much more killing up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses tested.

The speedy sanitising wipes are a one-step cleaning solution with no preparation needed, saving you much needed time. If you do happen to catch the sanitising bug remember there are many other areas that need a clean, here are 3 that you may not have thought of:

  1. Door handles; They are the most commonly touched surface in the home and public, not to mention breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses.
  2. Public transport; A study has found that people that use public transport are 6 times more likely to catch a common cold.
  3. Staircase rails; Just think of how many hands have been touching the rail before you….

Step 5 – Sprayduster speed cleaning

We understand that time is precious and cleaning needs to be quick. AF Spraydusters do just that by blowing away dust and debris from hard to reach areas at any angle in rapid time. There is a common misconception that spraydusters are limited for use on keyboards and office equipment. Although they do work wonders on slots and vents there are endless uses in the home, ideal for spring cleaning hacks. Three of our favourite uses include;

  1. Blowing cotton and dust from sewing machines
  2. Cleaning dust and cobwebs from delicate light fittings
  3. Games console vents

We think that you will agree that spring cleaning doesn’t always come in the form of mop and buckets. Here at AF we want to make light work of cleaning and encourage an eco-conscious cleaning regime at home and the office. By allowing yourself a short time a day to clean you can reap the satisfaction of a clean environment.