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What does the ‘new normal’ mean to you?

Posted on 30 June 2020 by AF Web
Category: Education, Environment, Fun

Over the past 3 months, life has been somewhat disturbed due to the covid-19 pandemic. The nation has gone from enjoying complete freedom to travel, shop, study and socialise, to restrictive measures introduced that have of course impacted our lives and work.

As lockdown measures are slowly eased we are all adjusting to a ‘new normal’, so for this month’s blog I wanted to share some of the AF employee opinions on what has changed for them personally during the pandemic and also how they are adjusting to a ‘new normal’.

 One of my colleagues from sales commented: “Without a doubt I miss my local public house and in the spirit of supporting local businesses I have been having fresh beer delivered instead of popping to my local for the usual Friday night pub quiz. This brings me onto the weekly zoom chats. My social life has no boundaries thanks to the Zoom screen; I have attended virtual birthday parties and even fancy dress quizzes.

I have spent a lot of time at one with my garden and have mastered the art of hanging baskets.

When I have been out in public I have been showering as soon as I reach home and of course sanitising my hands at work, home and even in the car after shopping.”

 Another member of the sales team added: “As a tap dancing enthusiast, I was over the moon when my usual class went virtual. I have maintained my practising and this has proven invaluable for my well-being. I’m also having to be so much more ‘switched on’ as I walk about in public in order to ensure that I observe social distancing. To be honest, I hadn’t realised how much of my life previously was spent drifting around in a bit of a daze.”

 A member of marketing commented: “Working from home I have established a ‘Harry Potter-esque’ work station on the landing between floors 2 and 3, looking uber intelligent with one of my bookcases positioned behind me for Zoom calls. I have also officially gained the hand rub habit and now sanitise my hands more times a day than I can remember. I have missed my usual bouts of retail therapy in Birmingham or London and have opted to have EVERYTHING delivered; I am, however mindful of sanitising each and every package that arrives.“

 One of our customer sales team colleagues stated: “I have developed an obsession with cleaning my car steering wheel each and every time I get into the car. I have also spent time cleaning other areas that I would not usually consider sanitising such as light switches. I have enjoyed socialising through the screen on Zoom videos including everything from exercise classes to weekly quizzes.”

 One of our management team commented; “Home schooling has been a learning curve; I have taken full advantage of the resources available online and along the way have developed my children’s independence with learning. I have been actively teaching them life skills including looking after equipment. They don’t tend to see the fingerprints on the screens or messy keyboards; teaching them to keep the equipment clean in the current environment hopefully will help in the long run!“

Another member of the marketing team added; “As a new dad to twins, I am spending more quality time with them as commuting is much quicker on the quieter roads.  Instead of regular visits to the shops, I am doing one weekly big shop, which is difficult at times, as I do like to raid the reduced section for daily bargains.”

 This is a final comment from a marketing team member; “I have missed visits to restaurants and have started ‘at home’ national cuisine themed nights, with homemade sushi next on the list. My usual ‘club-ercise’ class is now live online, which is great, especially when I set up the disco ball.  I am cleaning door handles daily and carrying hand sanitiser literally everywhere I go. I have become a bit of a nag to my family with my new line ‘Wait, have you hand sanitised?’”

As we adjust to a ‘new normal’ way of living, the general consensus is that we are cleaning much more often. From hand hygiene through to cleaning high touch zones surfaces, we need to remember that as lockdown measures lift and we celebrate, there is no room for complacency. We all need to keep clean routine

I am sure you can relate to most of these but if you have any obscure new cleaning habits or lifestyle changes, we would love to hear yours too. Get in touch at for a chance to win our monthly prize.

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