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5 Amazing Cleaning Hacks for AF Products

Posted on 22 December 2020 by AF Web
Category: Education, Fun

One of the lesser-known aspects of AF products is their flexibility. Certain products can often be used for more than their advertised application.

With this in mind, a handful of intrepid employees put this flexibility to the ultimate test*.

The results were astounding. In fact, we even came away with some amazing cleaning hacks!

These were just some of our findings!

*Prior to attempting these hacks, we spoke to AF technicians to check their safety and viability.  


1) Tonerclene is the ultimate dust-buster

Tonerclene is typically designed to mop up ink spillages. It’s a powerful absorbent wipe that lifts ink from surfaces quickly and safely, without leaving any smears or residual marks.

It has a ‘tacky’ surface that acts as an adhesive to external objects of materials, which is partly why it’s so effective at lifting ink spillages from printer and photocopier surfaces.

With this in mind, we looked at the possibility of using Tonerclene as a duster for difficult-to-reach areas. One employee tested its effectiveness at removing dust from under their sofa – a place where the vacuum cleaner simply cannot reach.

Another attached a Tonerclene pad to a household implement and fed it down the back of their sofa.

Suffice to say, the pads were filthy! Crucially however, the dust clung to the pad in its entirety, leaving both places free of dust.

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2) Safebuds can swab grease & grime from your shower

Safebuds are cotton precision cleaning sticks designed to swab small areas. This includes camera lenses, recesses in PC casing, and other delicate equipment.

However, because Safebuds come with a lengthy wooden stick (far longer than the short plastic cotton buds you find in a supermarket), they’re able to reach into deeper places for cleaning.

One spot we tried using Safebuds is a shower tray. Specifically, the hard-to-clean recess beneath the sliding shower door. With just a couple of swabs, we were able to wipe away plenty of gunk.


However, this does demonstrate the versatility and viability of Safebuds for a range of environments!

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3) Spot Removal of Light Spillages with Maxiclene

MaxiClene is our super-strength, general purpose foam cleaner. It’s ideal for cleaning plastic & metal surfaces, but it’s also typically used across desks, office furniture, car dashboards, and more.

It’s already a greatly versatile product, and a firm favourite for both home and office users alike.

However, we also discovered a life-changing hack for Maxiclene!

Accidents happen. At some point, you or someone else will spill something on your floor or carpet. Act whilst the substance is still wet and MaxiClene – it turns out – is an ideal spot-remover of these minor spillages!

Simply spray a generous amount of Maxiclene over the spillage and allow the foam to soak in for a minute or so. After this, use a small cloth to work the foam solution into the carpet and then leave for a while.

If the mark remains, repeat these steps.

**Always perform a test on a very small area first to ensure no adverse effects remain.

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4) Spraydusters are ideal for electric razors/clippers

The great thing about spraydusters is their versatility. You can use a sprayduster for pretty much anything, as we demonstrated in our 10 Alternative Uses for a Sprayduster article.

However, this particular hack is perfect for anybody who uses electric razors or clippers on a regular basis.

Spraydusters are actually a fantastic way of flushing out hair from the deeper recesses of your styling gear. Trapped shavings can actually damage your razor long-term, plus it’s unhygienic.

So, next time you finish styling your hair or beard, simply remove the razor head and give both the head and the internal parts a blast from a sprayduster!

(Just make sure you always unplug your razor from any mains power first. Perhaps put down a groundsheet or old rag too, to prevent hair from going all over the place!)

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5) Safetiss is great at removing thermal paste

This hack is slightly niche, but it produces excellent results!

Safetiss is a paper-based, lint-free wipe, designed for mopping up spillages around the home and office. They’re great at what they do and come in a generous box of 200!

However, the quality of Safetiss paper wipes, plus the fact that they’re lint-free and leave zero residue, mean that they can actually be used for more sensitive cleaning.

One of our more technical team members builds PCs in their spare time and found Safetiss to be invaluable for removing thermal paste from CPUs (central processing units) in PCs and laptops.

A CPU is a delicate component and therefore requires heat to be kept at a minimum. This is why people apply thermal paste. However, thermal paste must be re-applied every now and again.

With zero residue left behind, Safetiss is a genuine option for safely and cleanly removing this paste. You can even apply a very small amount of rubbing alcohol to Safetiss to help with this task.

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