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5 Uplifting Tips to Stay Motivated During Lockdown

Posted on 25 January 2021 by AF Web
Category: Education, Fun, How-to

There is no denying that we are living in very strange times, with restrictions somewhat taking over our ‘usual’ lives. It can be very easy to listen to the latest news and sink into a gloom of uncertainty.  Queues at the supermarkets and traffic light systems can be very stressful and we mustn’t forget those brave parents trying to juggle home schooling combined with working from home. Bearing this in mind, here at AF, we wanted to offer you our five top tips to stay positive and motivated during lockdown. Whether you are working from home, a key worker commuting, home schooling or trying to run a small business from home, AF are here for you.

1)      Be organised

Studies have found that clutter can increase cortisol, a stress hormone. Reduce your stress levels and reap the benefits of an organised life, whatever your circumstances. If you are working from home, why not set up a workstation weekly planner of bite sized tasks for the week. This could even be as simple as remembering to clean your keyboard with an AF Sprayduster or Ultraclene kit after your sandwich at lunchtime. Use a planner and build in little daily tasks followed a treat at the end of the week!

A quick tidy up and declutter can save you time, reduce stress and help you feel more productive. Keeping a cleaning routine can even release the happy hormone, endorphins to aid a calmer surrounding, helping you to feel under control.



2)      Get outdoors (whatever the weather!)

Taking your regular exercise can bring an abundance of health benefits. Walking is the perfect time to blow away the cobwebs, breathe in the fresh air with your favourite podcast or music whilst increasing oxygen flow around the body. If you have a competitive edge why not use this as a way a competing with friends or colleagues on a step count using a fitness watch?

Naturally, you will feel more energised after a walk, which in turn could even increase your productivity.


3)      Set goals

Setting goals can have a positive effect on self-worth. However large or small your goal may be, it is absolutely your goal and the satisfaction of completion can have positive effects on mental health. How great do you feel when working through a list of items and tick them off?  To name just a few, taking on a new hobby, completing a 10 minute workstation workout to sanitise your equipment, organise your desk or even learn a new language can all have positive effects. Home goals are also included in this. Plan some home decorating, design a new garden layout, start home baking or develop a new skill are just a few of the tasks that you could consider and set some small achievable goals to keep the motivation going.

Don’t be overwhelmed when we mention setting goals. A to-do list can be the ideal starting point. The benefits of a to-do list include grounding and taking the stress out of a heavy work load.


4)      Read more and relax

Time is something that we often take for granted. As travel and social occasions are so restricted, the working week and the precious weekend time can sometimes blend into one. I often find myself wondering what to do on Saturday afternoon having exhausted the household chores and sanitising those vital touchpoints. Basically, it’s very easy to experience the feeling of ‘more time on your hands’ but not really know what to do with it.

This is the perfect time to take advantage of spare time. Why not enjoy this time to do things that you wouldn’t normally have the time for?  Do you know that reading can help to alleviate the symptoms of depression? Lose yourself in a riveting read, prepare for a great night’s sleep and exercise those brain cells!

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5)      Stay connected

Covid-19 has certainly changed the way we communicate and social interaction is one of the significant changes during the pandemic and this is why it is so important to stay connected.

A screen can help save your day. You may be fed up of online quizzes or video meetings but seeing a friendly face, hearing their voice or silly joke can really help. Take advantage of this screen time to stay connected with friends and family.

AF tip - Remember screens can carry A LOT of bacteria and can even be more germ ridden than a toilet seat, so it is important to regularly sanitise high touch zones.

Stay motivated, start making those little changes now with the support of AF International.