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How to Deep Clean Your Desk And Enjoy It!

Posted on 25 February 2021 by AF Web

Just last week, a completely random thought popped into my head; how many hours do I sit at a desk during one year? As a full time office worker, I am one of many who rack up a whopping average of 1,700 hours at my desk during the year.  

Without a second thought, I drink endless cups of coffee, albeit decaf, enjoy a sneaky biscuit and munch on snacks whilst busy working at my PC.  This did give me some ‘food for thought’, (please pardon the pun). If I am spending this many hours at my desk, why do I not take pride in cleaning it, as if I would my own home? It is so easy to brush it aside, taking the stance that you are too busy, or that it is just a workstation, but I soon discovered the many hidden benefits. I also, (I’m secretly not sure if I should say this!), found that I enjoyed it.    

In this month’s blog, I will be sharing how I transformed my workstation with the help of AF International.

It all started one Monday morning, and I have to admit I was feeling particularly sluggish. There really is nothing worse than starting the week with the remnants of the previous week in evidence. I should mention that it is a real guilty pleasure for me to watch a good ‘before and after’ cleaning transformation video on social media and the irony of this suddenly struck me. I was literally sitting in my very own ‘before cleaning’ scenario. Something had to change and I set myself a challenge. Here are the 5 ways in which I took on the challenge.

Declutter like a boss

Did I really need all the printouts of pdf’s saved on my desktop? The simple answer was no, and in the bin they went. I felt an instant satisfaction that I could actually see the background on my desktop and commenced a formal de-clutter of physical paperwork and the contents of my desk trays. I worked my way through drawers and shelves, recycling the paper and quickly realised how clear and spacious my desk had become.  

Spruce up the surface

Following the disappearance of my mountain peaks of paperwork, I found that I had SO much more room in which to work. I am comfortable and I can easily fit my new larger coffee cup by my side without the risk of spillages. The clearer space did illustrate clearly just how much dirt had been hiding…. I counted five coffee cup rings but fortunately had the ideal product to help. AF International’s Foamclene surface spray tackles some of the most stubborn stains. The foaming formulation is anti-static preventing a build-up of dust, - just what I like to hear. I simply sprayed onto the surface and buffed with a large microfibre cloth to reveal what can only be described as a grime and stain-free cleansed desk.

See your screen sparkle

I began to feel a real momentum for cleaning and loved the experience of a clean and tidy desk, but one look at my screen horrified me. No wonder my eyes have been straining to cope with this amount of visible dust! I used the trusty AF Screen Clene to target this. This handy re-sealable tub contains 100 recyclable paper based wipes to clean my monitor. One wipe quickly cleaned and refreshed my screen and I was shocked at how much brighter it appeared. Upon reading the product details, I discovered that they could also be used on lenses and wasted no time in sprucing up my glasses. Better still, I can even use at home on my TV if the urge to clean comes upon me! (This is yet to happen, by the way).  

Wave goodbye to those pesky keyboard crumbs

Warming to my cleaning theme, I glanced down at my keyboard and felt quite ashamed; I could literally see breadcrumbs. I racked my brains; when did I last eat a sandwich at my desk? To my horror I realised that it was exactly 2 weeks ago. The prospect of what else could be languishing between the keys spurred me into action. Could I have neglected my keyboard purely on the basis of not knowing the safest, quickest and easiest way to clean it?

AF Spraydusters blow out keyboard debris in a flash. I was amazed at was I was seeing. Being the true grime buster that I now am, I placed a piece of white paper under my keyboard to show everything that the Sprayduster blew out. Wow! They say a picture tells a thousand words……

It did occur to me that, my keyboard is a high touch zone and I ought to kill some bacteria too. AF Anti-bac+ Surface Wipes are a must-have on the antibacterial front. This tub of premium quality wipes are proven to kill up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus, Influenza and E.coli. I could relax in the knowledge that they have proven efficacy to EN1276, EN16615 and EN14476:2013 + A1:2015.

It felt rather satisfying to clean my keyboard, knowing that I was preventing bacteria and viruses from spreading. I finished my desk space my quickly wiping over my mouse with an Anti-bac wipe. These have to be one of my desktop favourite products.

Share the satisfaction

As I went through this deep cleaning process, I made sure I captured some of the appalling ‘before’ images on my phone to reflect back on. After reviewing these in comparison to the ‘after’ cleaning results, I realised that they were too good not to share and in a strange way found them highly motivating to keep a clean desk space.

This deep clean regime is definitely something I will be keeping up with regularly; I think I might even enjoy cleaning. Who would have thought it?

Do you love a good before and after cleaning picture? Share yours with AF by emailing to be entered into a free prize draw.