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How to safely sanitise your phone

Posted on 26 March 2021 by AF Web
Category: Education, Fun, How-to

Spring cleaning season is in full swing, but this year I will be putting the decluttering and surface cleaning to one side, (just for a moment), to share an invaluable cleaning tip that we can all benefit from.

It may sound extreme but over this past year, my phone has become somewhat of a lifeline and my prized possession. It is responsible for my grocery shops, video chats, gaming and binge TV, to name but a few uses.

To put things into perspective, the average person touches their phone up to 2,617 times a day. I know, far more than you would expect – right? This figure shocked me too initially but when I check my weekly screen time, I am not so surprised….  

This started the brain cogs whirring; if I really use my phone to this extent, shouldn’t I be sanitising more frequently? I asked AF’s technical support experts for their advice on how and why we need to sanitise our screens and most importantly, how to ensure that it is being completed safely. In this blog, I will share my findings.

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have been frequently reminded of the importance of washing our hands regularly and sanitising. However, some high touch zones can still harbour bacteria. These include door handles, stair rails, petrol pumps, self-checkout touchscreens in supermarkets and many more. Out of habit, we then often proceed to touch our phones potentially spreading harmful bacteria and viruses.

Before you choose your sanitising product, ask yourself these key questions:

Is the product EN tested and if so, how does that product differ from a non-EN tested sanitiser?

So, first things first. Look at the label and check whether the product is EN tested. In the context of cleaning, antibacterial products that carry EN Standards are legally and scientifically proven to be able to demonstrate claims made by the company that manufacture the product. For example AF Anti-bac+ Sanitising Screen Wipes have proven efficacy to EN1276, EN16615 and EN14476:2013 + A1:2015 which includes a variety of bacteria and viruses such as Covid-19 and E.Coli killing up to 99.99% of these bacteria and viruses. A non-EN tested sanitiser will not have been subject to such a rigorous testing regime and cannot claim to be as effective as its’ EN counterpart is proven to be.     

How long will it take to sanitise?

It is very easy to take terms such as “Kills bacteria” as verbatim and believe that the sanitising product will miraculously kill all bacteria upon impact. Many sanitising products have hidden claims in terms of how long it takes for antibacterial properties to take effect and which types of bacteria they are actually effective against. If a product is fast acting, the manufacturers will want to shout this from the roof-tops and elevate the product above competitors. If an ‘effective’ time is not stated as a key selling point, dig a little deeper as the results may surprise you.   

AF International has undertaken research on some of the products available and alarmingly, some of them require as long as 2 minutes to take effect.  AF’s Anti-bac+ wipes have a rapid action time of just 30 seconds!

How can I ensure that my sanitising wipe will leave my phone smear-free?  

It can be easy to think that a wet wipe could cause smears, but the gentle yet effective AF formulation quickly lifts grease, fingerprints and smears. If you require an extra glossy finish, simply buff lightly with a microfibre cloth from AF. 

How often should I sanitise my phone?

There is no right or wrong answer to this one, but carrying a handy sanitising product with you is incredibly beneficial. If you have not been able to access hand sanitiser, it is very likely that you have touched numerous communal surfaces transferring not only grease and grime but more importantly germs and bacteria. AF’s Anti-bac Screen & Multi-purpose flat-pack wipes sanitise screens and surfaces and are packaged with your convenience in mind. A portable product providing peace of mind.  

The ‘do not do this’ advice  

Do not be tempted to use rubbing alcohol. This can cause problems for screen displays and may permanently damage your tech.

If using a spray cleaner, never spray directly onto the surface of the screen; always spray onto a lint free or microfiber cloth and clean your screen gently.  

Ensure that your phone is free from abrasives before cleaning or sanitising to prevent scratches.

AF always recommends checking the manufacturers guide before use of any screen cleaner.

So there you have it. Sanitising your phone is a pretty simple product providing you have the correct product. Tell us how often you sanitise your phone for a chance to win a pack of AF Anti-bac+ Screen & Multi-purpose Wipes.