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How to clean the interior of your car – AF Style

Posted on 30 April 2021 by AF Web
Category: How-to

A hand is cleaning the interior of the car using an AF LMF001 large microfibre cleaning cloth

The roadmap out of lockdown is becoming clearer and car journeys are on the increase. If you have not been using your car regularly, the chances are it has probably gathered some dust on the dashboard or worse still you find leftover food crumbs and dirt.

Read on to find out AF’s cleaning tips to tackle in car cleaning problems:

Dashboard Dust

Dashboards are guilty culprits of rapid dust accumulation and a huge giveaway to a dirty car interior.  Have you ever noticed how annoyingly visible it is in sunlight too? Fortunately AF can help and recommend a non-static cleaning spray such as Staticlene, as this prevents dust build up. Simply spray onto a microfibre cloth and wipe the surface and you will instantly see a much brighter dust-free finish.

If you love the satisfaction of seeing the dust you have removed by your cleaning efforts, AF’s TonerClene is the product for you. This clever cloth contains a texture that successfully captures dust and most importantly of all, prevents that dust from re-dispersing into the atmosphere and landing upon other objects. This product really has to be seen to be believed and is ideal for other household cleaning such as underneath sofas on hardwood floors. Another huge benefit of this cloth is that it does not require any cleaning solutions or sprays and it is very generously sized. A single cloth could easily clean all the hard surfaces found in the interior of your car (not including any glass windows).

Carpet Stains

After a quick vacuum, you will noticeably see less outdoor debris on your car mats, but what about small carpet stains?  You may not be aware of this, but AF’s Maxiclene is also fantastic at spot removal on carpets. Always test the area first but it gives great results on the likes of coffee spillage stains.

Streak-Free Screens

Touch screens are everywhere now and vehicles are no exception to this. Each time you tap away on your screen to change radio stations or programme your satellite navigation, screen fingerprints will be left, especially if you have greasy fingers from a quick fast food detour. A quick solution for your touch-screen is AF’s Multi Screen-Clene. It is alcohol free, anti-static and can be used on a huge amount of screens, even your mobile*, to leave a streak free finish. 

Mirror Smears

It is so important to be able to see clearly whilst driving and the rear view mirror is no exception to this. AF Smart Cloths are a lint free option for cleaning any type of glass or screen to remove fingerprints and dust. The lint free material leaves no residue and are 100% washable for future use. If you wear glasses or have sunglasses in the glove box, Smart Cloths are perfect for a cleaning these in a flash too!

Anti-bacterial Essentials

Hand hygiene is an essential part of life, as is sanitising surfaces. A key area for in-car sanitising is your steering wheel. For example, following trips to the petrol station, it is good practice to sanitise your hands but also not to forget high touch zones, such as your steering wheel. AF Anti-bac+Screen & Multipurpose Sanitising Surface Wipes kill up to 99.99% of tested bacteria and viruses including Covid-19 and E.Coli with an effective times of just 30 seconds, up to 10x faster than competitor brands.

If you are planning a staycation journey, heading off to the shops or commuting be sure to follow our AF in-car cleaning tips.

*AF International always recommends that you check manufacturers guide before using any screen cleaner or test a small area first.

*EN1276, EN16615 and EN14476:2013 + A1:2015.

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