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Vacation or Staycation? Your AF International Guide to Safe Travel

Posted on 26 May 2021 by AF Web

It is hard to believe how much life has changed over the past 18 months, but as I write this, life is slowly becoming recognisable again as our new normal. Restrictions are lifting providing us with a green light, albeit a less spontaneous one, to do some of the long awaited things that we have missed so much, including travel for leisure purposes.

As an avid traveller, I love nothing more than scouring the internet for the best travel deals and experiencing that buzz that accompanies last minute packing for my next adventure. For this month’s blog, I decided to focus on how you can still experience that holiday bug but feel safe with the assurance of AF products by your side.  Whether it is a staycation, visiting much loved family abroad or that long awaited beach break in the Mediterranean sun, we all have to adapt to a new way of holidaying.

Let’s start with facemasks; love or hate them, they are a way of life for the foreseeable and therefore a pocket and luggage essential. Remember, if you are planning a staycation, there will more than likely be a service station stop-off requiring a mask for entry to the facilities; alternatively if you are taking a form of public transport, there will be facemasks all the way.

I view hand sanitisers as working hand in hand with facemasks. I’m not sure about your experience, but I have found there to be a huge disparity in the quality of hand sanitisers available for use at entrances to shops and public facilities. My personal pet hate has to be a strong odour combined with a slimy texture that seems to take forever to evaporate. Call me biased, but I also carry my 50ml AF Anti-bac+ hand sanitiser everywhere; in my car, my dog walking coat, my handbag and also throughout my one and only vacation abroad during 2020. It leaves my hands soft and sanitised, killing up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19 - what more do you need from a hand sanitiser?

So what are the differences between sanitising requirements on international travel and staycation travel? The answer is quite simply none; there are no differences. Just take a moment to think of surfaces and screens. These can be found on most forms of public transport and also within staycation accommodation.  Having recently visited a caravan in the UK, my first thought was to sanitise the high touch zones starting with door handles, light switches, the TV remote control and table tops. You may be wondering why my first task on holiday related to cleaning? This related purely to my own peace of mind. I like to know that all areas are sanitised with a product proven to kill bacteria and viruses. The go-to product for this has to be Anti-bac+ Sanitising Screen and Surface Wipes. This handy flat pack is a travel friendly flat-pack of 25 wipes suitable for sanitising all types of touch screens and a huge amount of surfaces. If you were choosing to reach for the sky on air travel, one port of call to clean would be the touch screens but also seatbelt buckles, tray tops and headsets.

So the big question is, vacation or staycation? My answer – I personally cannot wait to board an aeroplane, but if 2021 means a staycation, then so be it. I know that I have the full armoury of protection from AF International. It’s perfectly understandable to feel apprehensive towards travel following lockdown life but with AF in hand, the world is literally your oyster.