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How to shop effectively for ‘Back to School’ - AF International have the answer

Posted on 28 July 2021 by AF Web
Category: Education, Fun, How-to

Back to school season is upon us yet again; sounds impossible, right? That frantic rush for school uniforms and the last minute P.E. polo shirt order and new shorts are all too familiar for parents each year, but thanks to Covid-19, back to school now has an additional dimension; the sanitising checklist.

You know the usual score; school uniforms, new pencil case, backpack, shoes and P.E. kit, but we now have to consider a raft of antibacterial essentials for students and teaching staff alike. 

Classroom checklist

Let’s start with the classroom. Where do you think bacteria is most commonly found in the classroom? To name a few common places, desks, door handles and even whiteboards are areas of concern but I will concentrate on the regularly shared electronics as a starting point.

Tablet screens are a prime example of regularly used electronics, as are other touch screen surfaces. Hand hygiene is key to prevent the spread of germs in addition to regularly sanitising the screen surface between uses and different users.

AF recommends - Anti-bac+ Sanitising Screen Wipes. Wipe away bacteria in a flash with this tub of 60 fully recyclable wipes. Trust these to kill up to 99% of bacteria and viruses tested including Coronavirus, Influenza, Rubella and Measles*.

Mobile phones

Many teaching environments have a complete ban on the use of mobile phones in the classroom, but students still tend to carry them in their school bags or backpacks rather than storing in lockers. It’s a scary fact but did you know that 53% of children own a mobile phone by the age of seven? Mobile phones are bacteria hotspots. Before you know it, it is in the bathroom with you, collecting invisible germs and grime from the environment, your bag and your hands. 

Younger people are literally becoming phone-addicts at phenomenally young ages. Picture this; one student shows another student something on their phone, hands it over for the second student to watch again who touches the phone without thinking and potentially spreads harmful bacteria without a second thought. If only that bacteria could show up in a different colour; you would literally be horrified!  

AF recommends – Anti-bac+ Screen & Multipurpose wipes are the ideal flatpack for your backpack. This super-handy pouch of wipes contains 25 easy to use wipes for all types of screen and surface areas. They work up to 10 times faster than some competitor brand to kill up to 99% of bacteria and viruses tested. Compact and user-friendly, these wipes are so versatile and cool for school, even for teenagers!

Gym germs

The classroom is by no means the only area that harbours bacteria and germs. Any high touch zone including school gyms and the equipment can easily spread bacteria and viruses. Think about gymnastic equipment, games equipment or door handles. These are touched by multiple students many times per day.

AF recommends - Anti-bac+ Sanitising Surface Wipes. A tub of rapid action, premium quality antibacterial wipes to sanitise an extensive amount surfaces, even the staffroom kettle handle! Teachers can rest assured that their essential morning break coffee has come from a clean kettle.

Whiteboards DO contain bacteria

Whiteboards are a focal part of teaching in the classroom and can attract lots of fingerprints and germs.  You may think that the purpose of cleaning a whiteboard is purely to remove dried-on ink but it can also tackle the germs left by touch. By using an antibacterial cleaning solution you can be confident that the surface is clean of ink, but also sanitised and hygienically clean.

AF recommends – AF Anti-bac+ Sanitising Whiteboard & Surface Spray is a 250ml pump bottle of multi action antibacterial cleaner. Sanitise whiteboard surfaces quickly but also use this spray to sanitise desk surfaces, door handles, light switches and many more touch points. This really is an educational area essential and just requires an AF lint free wipe to complete the clean.   

On the go hygiene

Last, but not least, and probably already on your own back to school checklist is hand sanitiser. You may ask why you need a travel-sized bottle if hand sanitiser is provided in school settings. The truth is simple; carrying an AF Hand Sanitiser gel ensures a level of protection during the commute, break time or simply moving between teaching rooms. Carrying your very own hand sanitiser on the school bus,  daily commute or in the classroom offers ultimate convenience when your hands need a sanitising freshen up.

AF recommends – AF Anti-bac+ Sanitising Hand gel 50ml is a cute 50ml pump that leaves skin soft and sanitised. This has been through extensive development and testing and is EN registered with proven efficacy to kill up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses including Norovirus and Coronavirus.

Have you noticed a pattern in this checklist? Yes, you must have sussed the common denominator.  AF Anti bac+ is an all-encompassing range offering the ultimate back to school kit to protect against the spread of unwanted common germs and bacteria. Whether you work in the education sector, are a parent or a student, AF Anti-bac+ is the new added dimension to your shopping list. Remove the stress and shop the complete range online

*View testing standards

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