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How to Clean Your Laptop - AF International’s Best Practice

Posted on 27 August 2021 by the AF Team
Category: How-to, Education

Laptop and desktop PC sales rocketed to over 302 million in 2020; this is in part due to the rise in demand of remote learning and home working.  As laptops offer the flexibility to work and study wherever is most convenient to you, this form of technology is ideal for students of all ages.  

‘Back to Uni’ semesters are set to restart, for new and old students alike with a fresh outlook for the year ahead, but how do students keep their studying essentials clean and refreshed?

For this month’s blog, we share AF’s top tips and best practice to keep your laptop clean and fresh for studying and beyond – perhaps a cheeky gaming session!

 1. Screen smudges – just a glimpse of the sun can reveal a multitude of smudges

Laptop screens can easily collect dust; therefore, it is important to use an anti-static cleaning product aiding protection from unwanted dust particles. Combined with tired eyes and if particularly bad, the dust can restrict your vision. AF Screen Clene range offers fully recyclable paper wipes with anti-static properties for safe use on laptop screens. 

 2. Eating whilst working – those snack attacks that strike at the most unlikely times

We’ve all been there; cramming last minute assignments whilst eating snacks to keep your energy levels up. Crumbs and food residue can easily become trapped within the keyboard and potentially cause mishaps, particularly if you do not run a spell-checker. This is quite aside from the unpleasant crumbs that can lurk. Just try upending your keyboard on some white paper; you will be amazed at just what drops out! There are a variety of tools to remove crumbs from laptop keys dependent on the type of keypad. AF Ultraclene benefits from a wet wipe to clean grease and grime and includes a clever cleaning tool to reach areas that a wet wipe alone is unable to clean effectively. Polish the surface gently with the dry wipe for a fresh finish.

 3. Question: Just why do laptop ports become so dusty?

Dust-ridden charging and USB ports can wreak havoc with your laptop. It is inevitable that they collect a fair amount of dust as it floats around unseen within the air but keeping these clean with the correct product can help to prevent faults, thereby saving those precious pennies. Choosing an AF sprayduster can help to tackle this type of dust.  The extension nozzle ensures a precise blast to blow away dust from hard-to-reach areas. Remember - always power down equipment before use and leave to cool. Do not switch back on immediately after cleaning with a sprayduster.

 4. Extra anti-bacterial action – because we all like that little bit extra  

For added antibacterial protection, it is always worth carrying a handy pack of wipes that are safe to use on screens and keyboards alike. AF Anti-bac Screen & Multipurpose wipes kill up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses tested and are perfect for sanitising on the go, the ideal flatpack for your backpack.

5. Back to basics – storage covered in 1 step

The average price of a laptop in the UK can range from £200-£1000 or even more dependent upon the model. It goes without saying that this valuable tech requires its own storage bag, not only for journeys to the library but also for added protection and safety, preventing knocks, scratches, and water damage. Always carry and store your laptop in a suitable laptop bag, who knows, you may well also find room inside for a flat-pack of anti-bacterial wipes!

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