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Why cleaning your phone on your trouser leg is not enough

Posted on 01 November 2021 by the AF Team

Our recent poll revealed that 72% of voters do not know how to clean their phone correctly. For instance, you may class cleaning your phone via a brush down your trouser leg, or a wipe using your glasses cloth, but frankly, neither method is sufficient or the correct way to clean your phone.  

Firstly, your phone meets a lot of harmful bacteria. Let’s face it; we are all guilty of taking our beloved phones to the bathroom from time to time! It should come as no surprise therefore, that your phone is 7 times dirtier than a toilet seat – ugh, that’s quite a horrible thought! In this month’s blog we will be explaining why you need to clean your phone, how you should go about it and what you need to avoid. All in the name of protecting your tech and keeping it clean.

Why Clean your Phone

When you think about it, your phone is carried with you most of the time and put down in so many different places throughout the day, it can become rather gross. Now that most of us use touch screen phones, dirt, and bacteria spreads in rapid time. To put this into perspective, a typical phone user touches their phone 2617 times a day, with the most extreme addicts touching their phone up to 5,400 times a day! REMEMBER Bacteria has the capacity to multiply with every tap.

How to Clean your Phone

Admit it, your phone probably has a smudge or a greasy smear from the fries you grabbed on the go, and your go-to cleaning method would be wiping your screen on your sleeve or trouser leg? We know; we have all done it, but there are much more effective methods that clean your screen and leave it gleaming like new.

Most importantly, choose a cleaning product that is safe for your screen. AF do not recommend spraying any cleaner directly onto a screen and to always use a lint free cloth to avoid any loose debris damaging the screen surface.

Additionally, when purchasing an antibacterial product, EN standards are very important. You can find out what EN standards are in more detail on a previous blog here. If you want to ensure you are ridding your screen of bacteria, look out for phrases including ‘antibacterial’ or ‘Kills 99% of bacteria’ but remember to read a little deeper into the text and look further for the proof. EN standards are critically important to the testing that has been carried out on an antibacterial product and how effective it is against killing bacteria.

What you Need to Avoid

There are so many cleaning products on the market, it could be tempting to use a solution from under your kitchen sink. DO NOT DO THIS! It is extremely important to always use a specialist screen cleaning product or risk irreversible screen damage. For example, if you are one of the extreme 5,400 times a day phone-tappers, if you damage your screen this could be a real problem for you.

AF’s 3 Top Tips

  1. If you are opting for a cloth cleaning method, always choose a lint free option to prevent scratches. When using a cleaning spray, always avoid spraying directly onto your screen.
  2. AF offer every variety of screen cleaning options spanning traditional screen cleaning sprays, recyclable wipes, and the Anti-bac+ range.
  3. Remember, AF always recommends checking with the manufacturer before using any screen cleaner.