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Hybrid Working Top Hygiene Tips

Posted on 23 December 2021 by AF Web
Category: Environment, Education, How-to

Do you ever get so busy that you forget to look at your desk cleanliness and notice utter filth? You are not alone. I for one, (to my utter shame), once found birthday confetti from a celebration 5 years previously hidden in my keyboard and quite possibly some cake sprinkles.  By the way, this is just between you and I!

I’m pleased to say that following the Covid-19 pandemic I have changed my cleaning ways, and to sum it up, have completely cleaned up my act (if you pardon the pun!). As a hybrid worker, I have found that I have really stepped up my cleaning game, and for this month’s blog I will be sharing my top tips with you.

Read on to find out how to clean your desk space when you have limited time, but still want to make sure it is hygienically clean.

Firstly, I don’t consider myself a procrastinator, but I often get the cleaning bug on a Friday afternoon; this however does work for literally any day of the week, and one of the best elements is that you can replicate the steps at home or in the traditional office.

Step 1 - Look down at your keyboard, it is probably holding onto grease and dirt that you are not event aware of. For extra hidden grime use a Sprayduster to blast out crumbs from hard-to-reach areas.

Interesting fact! Did you know, if you tap 11,698 keys a day this equates to 4.2 million presses a year!

Step 2 – Your screen is one to watch, again, please pardon the pun. If you allow your dusty screen coating to build up, this could cause potential eye strain, but it is still important to choose a screen cleaner that is safe for use.

Tip! Avoid alcohol on screens.  Choose a Multi-Screen Cleaner with a lint free cloth to prevent damage.

Step 3 – Your mouse. This is yet another high touch zone product and one that is often forgotten about within most common cleaning regimes. This certainly does not apply to me since I spotted the dirt lingering on the wipe after I had cleaned my mouse! I would always recommend an AF Anti-bac+ product, so that it is safely sanitised. Try it, you will not believe the grime.

Step 4 – Your phone is probably one of your highest touch zones. These little (or perhaps larger screen) lifelines are very much part of life now, but require cleaning as often as your toilet, if not more in my opinion.  For example, the average adult spends 3 hours on their phone each day, tapping away on the touch screen spreading bacteria.

Tip! I prefer to use a travel pack of Anti-bac wipes that I can completely rely upon as 100% safe for my tech devices. I can quickly clean my screen wherever I am and when I remember. AF always recommends that you check manufacturers guide before using any screen cleaners.

Step 5   - Laptops are a now hybrid workers essential piece of kit. You will often see commuters catching up on emails on the train, but these portable workstations can also be left on the kitchen table mid-way through cooking dinner. Finally, do not discount the traditional office working environment. When you think about it, that is quite a lot of dirt and bacteria that you are carrying around. A general rule of thumb is to ensure you are using the correct cleaning product your screen and surface. What is safe on the keyboard surface may not be suitable for the screen.

There are so many ways to clean your laptop that we gave this topic a special guide devoted to itself:  How to clean your laptop – AF’s best practice. Interested? Click here.

Take it from me, I am by no means a cleaning addict but there is a certain satisfaction to be gained from working at a cleaner desk space. It literally takes a few minutes out of your day to start with a cleaner environment and more importantly, stop the spread of bacteria and viruses. If you’re a hybrid worker like me, remember cleaning isn’t just for the office, your desk space needs cleaning at home too, even if it is your kitchen table!